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Advanced Certification Institute (ACI) experienced a setback in developing a new online medical certification platform after issues with a previous vendor. They called on DDA Medical after hearing about the company's long history of success. DDA Medical has extensive experience in developing exceptional medical eLearning and Continuing Medical Education (CME) platforms, and DDA gave ACI a very clear understanding of the direction ahead.

To populate and edit course content in a convenient and methodical way, the CME platform was built on CMS (Content Management System) architecture. To keep the testing system challenging, test questions are automatically randomized. Users are directed back to course content; if they get a question wrong, the system gives them one final chance to get it right. A set of advanced global metric reporting features allow the client to retrieve macro and microdata on all users as well as individual user metrics.

To position ACI as a certification program with some of the highest value in its market, the program content also needed a platform with a robust eCommerce system. The certification program needed the flexibility to set up universal discounts for certifications and recertifications. Clients could also elect to set up automatic pricing tiers for institutions to buy multiple certifications on behalf of groups for discounted prices.

DDA Medical was pleased to help ACI recover from its first misstep and guide them into a successful implementation of their excellent program content. The certification platform is up and running successfully, reaching a large pool of CME students online.

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