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American College of Physicians (ACP) Mobile-Optimized Interactive Benefits Guide

ACP Benefits Guide


DDA Medical first developed an innovative Interactive Benefits Guide for the American College of Physicians (ACP) in 2010 using its own proprietary SmartSite™ technology. The online application educates ACP members about the benefits of organization membership. To complement the online application, DDA developed a synchronized multimedia presentation video using text, images, and audio narration.

ACP turned to DDA Medical to take this successful project and make it compatible with Apple iPhone® and iPad® iOS operating systems. DDA Medical updated the Interactive Benefits Guide to ensure that all users of all devices could maintain access to ACP’s online platform. Using the HTML5 markup language to implement the updated guide, DDA Medical also created a custom mobile-optimized version for smartphones.

DDA Medical made some key changes to the custom mobile version. Instead of the desktop/laptop/tablet versions' immediate start of synchronized media, the mobile-optimized version starts with a simple choice selection screen upon first visit. Navigation on the smaller screens is easier and reduced load times address the lesser data-handling capabilities of some smartphones. Introductory videos affiliated with each section of content are available, and users can access more information within each module through a series of submenus.

DDA ensured that the custom optimized version was fully coordinated to complement the existing web platform. Now the ACP Interactive Benefits guide can be accessed across every platform to reach every device with optimum performance.

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