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Allied Dental Logo, Brochure, Trade Show Graphics, Website & Video

Logo Design

Allied Dental Logo Design

DDA Medical designed this logo for The Allied Dental Practices of New Jersey. Though Allied Dental had already been in business for several years, this new logo – created by DDA Medical’s experienced graphic design team – helped to establish a unique, professional identity for the company. With a new, recognizable brand established, Allied Dental also counted on DDA Medical to create other promotional materials, including a new website, print brochures, videos, and trade show graphics.


DDA Medical’s graphic designers kept in touch with Allied Dental throughout the logo design and development process – requesting input about the overall look and feel of the new logo, and submitting design concepts for review, revisions, or final approval. The final logo creates a professional and recognizable identity for Allied Dental, and has been used on numerous promotional materials since its development.


Brochure Design


Allied Dental Brochure


DDA Medical designed and developed this brochure to promote the services and locations for The Allied Dental Practices of New Jersey, and attract new dentists and specialists to their established network of professionals. With a network of dental offices offering care and treatment in dentistry, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, oral surgery, and other areas, Allied Dental needed a print brochure that promoted their services effectively and succinctly, while showcasing the benefits for potential dentists, doctors, and specialists who may be interested in becoming part of the network. DDA Medical’s experienced graphic designers went to work creating a print brochure that utilized the overall look and feel of Allied Dental's existing website, logo, and other promotional materials – many of which were also created by DDA Medical. This guaranteed a cohesive marketing strategy that aided in marketing and branding by establishing a recognizable brand for the network. DDA Medical’s team of degreed copywriters also went to work, creating concise and informative content for the brochure using four main points – Success, Security, Support, and Serenity.


Trade Show Graphics Design


Allied Dental Trade Show Graphic Design


DDA Medical conceptualized and created a themed trade show booth for The Allied Dental Practices of New Jersey – to be used at a show in Atlantic City – which included a roulette wheel, banner stands, and large-format graphics all designed by DDA Medical. This gambling theme created a cohesive and memorable identity for Allied Dental among trade show attendees, and showcased many of the capabilities of DDA Medical. DDA Medical has been an industry leader in large-format graphics, trade show displays, and trade show graphics since its inception, and added these Allied Dental graphics to its long portfolio of successful trade show projects.


Allied Dental Trade Show Graphics


Expanding on the gambling theme established for The Allied Dental Practices trade show booth, a DDA Medical graphic designer created a large graphic to call attention to the booth. These colorful, custom-designed graphics, which can be used as a backdrop, hung from the ceiling, or placed front in center, serves as a great focal point, drawing in attendees curious about what the rest of the booth holds.


Video Production


Allied Dental Video


DDA Medical developed and produced this video for The Allied Dental Practices of New Jersey. The video – which was originally used as part of a trade show presentation before being integrated into the Allied Dental website – was intended to recruit new dentists and specialists by showcasing the benefits and advantages of joining the Allied Dental network. DDA Medical graphic designers and videographers worked to create a video that carried the same marketing themes, look, and feel of other Allied Dental promotional materials, many of which were also created by DDA Medical.


The video spokesperson was filmed in DDA Medical’s on-site video studio using blue screen technology. This allowed DDA Medical video specialists to place the video footage over an animated background, integrate supporting text, and include a map showing Allied Dental locations across New Jersey. But the integration of live video and animation did not end with background features – the video spokesperson also interacted with the supporting text and animations, pushing them off screen to create a unique feature that immediately draws the viewer’s attention. The video also integrated footage filmed on-site by DDA Medical videographers, including testimonials from dentists and specialists in the Allied Dental network, along with supporting footage of dental work being performed.


Website Design


Allied Dental Website


When DDA Medical designed this website for The Allied Dental Practices of New Jersey, it had to fulfill a dual purpose and serve two very different audiences. On one hand, Allied Dental continually aims to expand, which means recruiting dentists, specialists, and other dental professionals to join their network of practices across New Jersey. On the other hand, the site had to appeal to the general public and attract new patients.


DDA Medical worked with Allied Dental to address this unique set of needs, and created an informative and engaging website that offers material for both audiences. This includes background information on all specialties offered by Allied Dental – including pediatrics, periodontics, orthodontics, and oral surgery – along with detailed forms for dental professionals interested in joining the Allied Dental network. Graphic designers at DDA Medical created an eye-catching and dynamic look and feel for the site that fit with the custom-designed logo – also created by DDA Medical – and echoed other promotional materials, including brochures and trade show graphics. DDA Medical’s programmers and video specialists also integrated a video into the site. The video was originally created by DDA Medical for Allied Dental use in trade shows, and appeals to dental professionals who may be interested in joining the Allied Dental network.


Services Used:

  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Marketing Copywriting
  • Trade Show Graphics
  • Trade Show Exhibits
  • Trade Show Video
  • Banner Designs
  • Video Production
  • Animation
  • Website Spokesperson
  • Integrated Video
  • Testimonial Video
  • Website Design & Development
  • Website Design
  • Web Graphics
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