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DDA Medical designed, produced, and developed an interactive video-based public health training simulation for APIH. The Academic Partnerships to Improve Health is a consolidation of four large medical educational institutions that cooperate with the U.S. Centers of Disease Control on the initiative. AAMC, an APIH organization member took the lead for APIH, conceived the platform, and developed the scripts and raw materials. DDA Medical created the comprehensive plan for the eLearning experience and organized the received scripts and reference materials for optimum effect. By selecting an ethnically diverse array of eight actors from DDA Medical’s casting services, APIH was able to send out an eLearning message likely to be well received by the audience most able to participate and benefit from the APIH eLearning platform.

After casting the parts and organizing the final scripts for a streamlined production schedule, DDA Medical designed four sets: a doctor’s exam room, an outpatient office for patient intake, an office at the public health department, and a conference room where ground rounds are held. DDA’s expert team of cameramen and editors used multiple angles and cuts to keep viewers engaged and focused on the script while enhancing the narrative flow. Additional post- production included large sections of informative graphics set within the videos to enhance the visual material and line deliveries spliced together from multiple video takes to optimize script delivery. DDA Medical produced over an hour of original medical training video material for the APIH eLearning platform.

DDA Medical took this video material and began to incorporate it into the APIH eLearning platform. A custom navigation system divided the video-based eLearning content into chapters, scenes, and clips, allowing users to select from the menu and move through previously viewed content. All eLearning content is gated, and is set up for users to view all materials linearly before they can advance through the entire eLearning module. To add depth to the training, additional reference materials are presented below the video presentation, and can be saved to a personal library, as well as personal notes saved according to the chapter and scene.

The APIH eLearning platform assesses pre- and post-modules of public health knowledge, with an administrative area that tracks correct responses to each. Pre- and post-module assessment scores on any given question can be compared, because questions are coordinated so that, although they differ across each module, they cover the same topics. Responses give specific insight about user performance and comprehension, as well as an overall assessment of their experience on the medical eLearning platform. A user evaluation is part of the process of submitting a module, so APIH can gain further insight into the user’s experience. Upon successful completion, users are awarded a custom-designed personalized certificate that can be saved, printed, and accessed anytime online for verification.

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