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AprioMed 2D Medical Animation Trade Show Video

Aprio Med Tradeshow Video

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AprioMed is an innovative developer of medical devices, and they called on DDA Medical for an engaging and medically accurate 3D animation demonstrating its new Morrison Steerable Needle™ medical device, one in a series of devices produced by the company for use in the field of interventional radiology. AprioMed intended to use the video for an upcoming trade show. Only four weeks time was available for the project, and the final animation needed to be both captivating and totally accurate in its portrayal of the medical device's functionality.

The Morrison Steerable Needle allows clinicians to actively guide needle procedures and precisely target the exact biological structures while bypassing other sensitive biological structures.

To meet the challenging delivery schedule, DDA Medical’s professional animators gathered the source materials and started the animation project immediately. By using a combination of photography and on-screen texts, the device and its capabilities and demonstrated the Morrison Steerable Needle by showing how its active guidance system targets precise locations in the body. The needle was shown being injected into a translucent blue human body with red highlighted liver and tumor mass used as the injection target. The animation follows a specific sequence of actions to ensure technical accuracy: 1.) superficial injection; 2.) curvature of needle; 3.) insertion into targeted tissues; and 4.) removal of guidance apparatus for use of device in biopsies, injections, and aspirations.

Appropriate music enhanced the visual material, and the final video was formatted in high resolution suitable for public display on large widescreen monitors. AprioMed’s comment about the video and its success for the trade show says it all: "We love it!!"

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