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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is the next phase of software application development, one that comes with tremendous opportunities for all healthcare organizations and their clients or clinicians and patients. DDA is pleased to guide you through the development landscape and show you just how much Augmented Reality can do. As award winning custom software and app developers with a wide experience with all types of experiential marketing and elearning, DDA has been involved with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality since its inception. Now that the smartphone, tablet, and assorted hands-free devices are already widely in use, the time is optimal for the widespread deployment of Augmented Reality. The universal availability of broadband access to high resolution data enables developers to anticipate a large market with access to advanced camera and video camera technology. DDA’s vertically integrated suite of professional services covers the entire spectrum of custom software programming and mobile application development to form a complete set of multimedia production capabilities. DDA is poised to take advantage of what Augmented Reality has to offer, and can take a client’s ideas and expand them into an immersive, memorable and valuable experience carefully calibrated to the client’s goals and budget.


With new levels of photorealism, broadband speed and device ubiquity, Augmented Reality has the capability to immerse you in a unique world of information, a layer of customized information that lives inside the space between you and your lived environment. 3D computer objects can appear so vivid they seem to inhabit the lived space with photorealistic effects that adjust with the actual light and atmosphere in your space, and other layers of data can also be introduced to provide critical data when necessary. The combination of floating infographics, diagrams, arrows, avatars, and photo-real objects and environments that mesh seamlessly with your particular viewpoint engages, informs, entertains, and ushers in a whole new way to present and experience information.

About DDA

DDA’s approach to any computer software development is to determine the critical goals of the projects. By employing a logical method that keeps our clients informed, we demystify the process while we add the features necessary to achieve maximum impact for the product and the intended experience. In addition to our state-of-the-art mobile application development, database programming, and custom elearning platform development services, we offer professional graphic design, 3D computer modeling and animation, and complete video production capabilities including aerial drone footage, virtual reality, 360 video, and a professional video studio and sound booth. If you have an idea about a new Augmented Reality concept or you would like to discuss Augmented Reality with us, we’d be pleased to show you what’s in store for the future.


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