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C8 Medisensors Clinician and Patient Information Video

C8 Medisensors Promotional Video

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When C8 MediSensors was looking to make an impression at an upcoming international tradeshow, they turned to DDA Medical. DDA was charged with the task of creating two educational videos demonstrating their HG1-c glucose monitoring system. One video reviewed the impact of diabetes on patients’ lives through a 3D animation of the frightful Glu-coaster™, an apt metaphor for the startling effects of inconsistent blood glucose levels. The second video focused on the HG1-c device itself, demonstrating with vivid biological graphics the brilliance of its innovative, non-invasive, and continuously self-monitoring system. The device uses Raman Spectroscopy (light reflected from the blood) to monitor glucose levels regularly and automatically, sending updated information every ten minutes to a mobile device for easy accessibility. Storyboarding, scriptwriting, animation, and production were all handled in-house by DDA’s video production team, demonstrating the unique potency of DDA’s "all under one roof" approach.

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