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Welcome to DDA Medical, a destination where you can find all the information you need to bring the world of medicine together. We are sure you will find DDA Medical to be the perfect resource for any medical marketing, design, and digital and interactive technology needs you may have, whether large or small. DDA Medical – bringing the world of medicine together since 1994.


Developing an effective eLearning program that captivates a user's attention while increasing information retention takes a highly-skilled team of professionals. DDA Medical is the leader in the science of building technology-based training programs and platforms.


Marketing Technologies

DDA Medical is a full-service interactive and traditional medical marketing company with a wide range of in-house capabilities, allowing us to help develop an entire marketing campaign. That along with our expertise in the healthcare and medical fields means you only need to look to one source for almost all of your marketing and advertising needs.


Medical Marketing

DDA Medical can develop a marketing strategy – including the traditional and interactive tools that help you grow, expand, and thrive. Whether you need to appeal directly to clinicians, inform patients, create a brand for your facility, or expand your patient base, we are the innovators and implementers in the ever-changing world of medical marketing.


Clinical Trials

From pre-clinical studies through Phase 4 trials, DDA Medical can help you market your next clinical trial to physicians and patients so you can meet your recruitment and retention goals. We can also provide you with the Internet-based data management technologies that produce reliable end results.


Healthcare IT

Whether you need to manage scheduling, track personal medical histories, or communicate among a network of physicians, DDA Medical is highly qualified to help you become more efficient with customized applications and resources.Our online servers and backup systems are safe, secure, and HIPAA compliant.


Medical Video Production

DDA Medical also develops effective and compelling animations, medical videos, and eLearning platforms that effectively communicate value and benefits, which then lead to real-wolrld results.