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Clinical Trial Brochures - Overview

Whether to provide protocol information to participating physicians or to encourage patients to seek a new treatment for their condition, DDA Medical can create professional and informative brochures as part of your clinical trial marketing initiative. With our full-service offering, we can create a custom design, write compelling medical content, create image and illustration, and provide print and mail fulfillment, so that you only need to outsource to one company to turn your brochure concept into reality. Market your next clinical trial with a brochure from DDA Medical and you’ll see your enrollment quotas filled with informed physicians and patients eager to participate.

Clinical Trial Brochures - In-depth

Before participating in a clinical trial, patients have questions like, “How will the treatment be given to me?” or “Will I receive any follow-up care after the study has ended?” and physicians have questions, such as “What is the main purpose of this study?” or “How long is the study going to last and what will I be asked to do as a participant?”. Clinical trial patient and investigator brochures are a great way to answer probing questions for full recruitment promotion.


Pre-clinical Trial Medical Brochures

After a study has ended, marketing clinical trial results becomes the focus for sponsoring pharmaceutical or biotech companies, or medical device and equipment manufacturers. Patients want to know the proven value of treatment alternatives and attending doctors or specialists need to stay abreast of recent advancements to provide their patients with the very best quality of healthcare.


Post-clinical Trial Medical Brochures

As a leading medical marketing and advertising agency since 1994, DDA Medical can work with you to conceptualize, develop, and distribute a post-clinical trial brochure across the U.S. in line with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements or around the world as part of a global marketing campaign. Our graphic designers and copywriters will create a brochure that combines proper branding with proven clinical trial results for unprecedented exposure within the medical community, of which includes clinics or medical centers, hospitals, or medical offices, and practices. Let our medical marketing and advertising help you publish your results and commercialize your products with clinical trial brochures, medical print advertising and other Internet-based media services.


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