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Clinical Trial Medical CD-ROMS and DVDs - Overview

Provide physicians or patients with a CD-ROM or DVD on your clinical trial so that they can review the requirements and consider participation, on their own time in a way that works best for them. DDA Medical can develop highly interactive and engaging medical CD-ROMs and DVDs as a stand-alone promotional piece or in combination with a clinical trial marketing package. From the design of an intuitive graphical user interface to the production of an interactive and animated video vignette for treatment demonstration, DDA Medical has the in-house capability to do it all. What’s more, elements from the CD-ROM or DVD can be used in other materials once the clinical trial ends and the post-trial promotion begins.

Clinical Trial Medical CD-ROMS and DVDs - In-depth

Who could benefit from the distribution of your medical CDs or DVDs?
Whereas once doctors were considered the main customer for clinical trial marketing and advertising, today the audience list includes patients, medical professionals and specialists, investors and partners, hospitals and clinics, medical schools, centers, and practices. As a clinical trial sponsor, pharmaceutical or biotech company, or medical device, products, or equipment manufacturer, you can distribute your educational and informational CDs or DVDs as a stand-alone piece or in combination with a clinical trial marketing package.


How could your medical organization use a clinical trial CD-ROM or DVD?
You can use the CD-ROM or DVD that DDA Medical creates to train physicians (acting as investigators) on the mechanism of action, the proper processes or procedures involved in the study or educate participating medical center staff on how to use the predetermined data collection software; to provide downloadable documents, forms, and/or manuals; and to make presentations on study expectations to a review board, to appeal to patients and meet recruitment goals, or to provide results, moving the study from investigation, to promotion, to commercialization. The possibilities are endless.


Aside from conceptualizing and developing clinical trial CD-ROMs or DVDs that exceed expectations, as a full service medical and healthcare marketing and advertising agency, DDA Medical can design the disc labels and packaging for a consistent look, and even extend replication, print, and mail fulfillment services for expedient delivery. When you make the decision to devote a portion of your research and development (R&D) expenses to clinical trial recruitment and promotion, contact just one company, DDA Medical, to produce a CD or DVD in-house at a price well within budget.

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