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Clinical Trial Marketing and Advertising - Overview

DDA Medical will help you market your clinical trial to both physicians and patients so that you are able to meet your enrollment requirements and gain the visibility you need for proper trial implementation. Clinical trial marketing can be in the form of medical branding, brochures with informative medical writing, websites with a custom professional design, engaging videos, and much more. DDA Medical can help you narrow down a targeted approach that works best for your clinical trial and create the individual promotional pieces or the full-fledged campaign that drives broad-based interest and full participation.

Clinical Trial Marketing and Advertising - In-depth

Struggling to encourage patients to enroll in your clinical trial? Painstakingly weeding through possible patient lists only to find just a few who are actually eligible? Finding it difficult to acquire investigators who have time to participate? If you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above, then it is time to contact DDA Medical for the award-winning medical marketing and advertising services that will help you meet your recruitment and retention goals.


DDA Medical works with you to define your target patient demographic and devises strategies that enable you to reach patients where they are – whether that is in commute travelling to and from work or at home surfing the Internet for answers to their medical and healthcare questions. We’ll apply a similar approach to narrowing down clinician criteria and developing a healthcare promotion plan that exposes doctors to practice, hospital, or medical center benefits whether that be as they peruse medical publications and discover your advertisements or browse an online journal and view your clinical trial web commercial.


DDA Medical’s marketing and advertising services extend beyond consulting into design, development, and implementation. And unlike other medical and healthcare marketing and advertising agencies that outsource their work, DDA Medical is an agency that produces everything in house by degreed and experienced professionals. Our graphic designers can create a brand for your clinical trial, as well as for the pharmaceutical drug, medical device, or biotech equipment itself, and evolve that brand in the design of a broad range of print and web-based marketing materials. Our programmers and videographers can build sophisticated eLearning presentation tools that promote a better understanding of the procedure used in your clinical trial or physiological response mechanisms. As always, the possibilities are virtually endless.


Completed your clinical trial and now you’re ready to market your results? DDA Medical can help you convert data into sales.


At DDA Medical, our medical and healthcare marketing firm knows that the national and global commercial success of your pharmaceutical drug, medical device, or biotech equipment depends on the outcome of your clinical trial, as well as the effectiveness of advertising positive results. Even if your clinical trial produces better-than-expected findings, without marketing them to patients, physicians, colleagues, or investors, you’ll never gain board-based appeal. Not only can DDA Medical help you market your clinical trial, we can help you promote its results within the medical field and to the public at large.


From pre-clinical studies through Phase 4 trials, DDA Medical is your one-source solution to ensuring that your clinical trial results gain the exposure needed to ultimately bring your products to market quickly and safely. Our medical copywriters can translate the most technical of clinical data into practical features and value-added messages that convey product legitimacy and prestige, while our photographers can take high-resolution product photographs for a variety of print and web-based medical marketing materials. With DDA Medical’s extensive marketing and advertising services, the results of your clinical trial could just help your organization gain a strong foothold in a particular specialty area.

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