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Clinical Trial Outdoor Advertising - Overview

Every day patients suffering from a condition are on the move, whether travelling on the interstate or commuting on public transit systems. A great way to recruit such patients for your clinical trial is through outdoor advertising from DDA Medical. Our billboard graphics and truck, train, or bus signs can be produced with an attractive design and a compelling message that gives hope to these patients for a better treatment option made possible by the product you bring to the market. Furthermore, we are experienced with the methodologies needed to reach your target demographic. Our outdoor advertising strategies will ensure that the next destination of patients eligible for your clinical trial is the participating physician’s office for information and enrollment.

Clinical Trial Outdoor Advertising - In-depth

Whether your clinical trial patient profile includes urban cancer patients or female, African American diabetes patients, reaching your target demographic through well-positioned clinical trial advertisements is critical to meeting your full recruitment goals. The same can be said of research investigators for clinical study recruitment. Finding young medical professionals using public transportation or experienced specialists and physicians on commute for consultations may exponentially increase your chances of participation and retention. DDA Medical’s clinical trial marketing through outdoor advertising puts billboard graphics and truck, train, or bus signs directly in front of those eligible to participate, so that before you know it enrollment quotas are filled and development can begin.


Outdoor Advertisements for Clinical Trial Research Investigator Recruitment

The challenge in outdoor advertising is capturing people’s attention and making a memorable impression in seconds. Our graphic designers and copywriters work together for the shared goal of leaving readers thinking about your advertisement well after they have driven past or walked away. Through attractive imagery and appealing messages, your outdoor billboard or public transit signs will encourage potential doctors or nurses that participating in your clinical trial will not only promote them within the medical community, but will help advance medical knowledge in a particular specialty area. Aside from conceptualization, design, and production, DDA Medical will also work with you to ensure that your advertisements are positioned along high-traffic routes and optimal locations in order to yield the best possible marketing and advertising results.

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