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Clinical Trial Patient and Research Investigator Recruitment - Overview

As a clinical trial recruiter, you can describe the audience you are attempting to reach, but you may not be able to easily adopt your audiences’ point-of-view. DDA Medical understands that some patients have reservations on participating in clinical trials as they may perceive such studies as a risky pursuit of treatment, while other patients may view them as an opportunity to find the latest care for their condition or to advance medical knowledge. Regardless of your audiences’ perceptions, DDA Medical will be able to market your clinical trial to help you meet your patient recruitment and retention goals, thereby helping to ensure success of this critically important and integral area of research.

Clinical Trial Patient and Research Investigator Recruitment - In-depth

Patients can benefit from participating in clinical trials and studies by having access to state-of-the-art healthcare, improving medical understanding of a treatment to help others with a similar condition, receiving constant monitoring for the safest possible delivery of treatment, and living with a better quality of life. At DDA Medical, we know that in many cases only a few patients may actually be eligible to participate in your study out of the general list of enrollees. For this reason, we implement a comprehensive patient recruitment advertising approach, reaching as many people as possible through social networking and outdoor, broadcast, and traditional advertising strategies, and target a specific demographic to ensure that your enrollment list become a usable recruitment list.


Clinical Trial Research Investigator Recruitment and Retention

Physicians and doctors can benefit from participating in clinical trials and studies by establishing a reputable name within a specialty area, providing the most advanced treatments to their patients, having the opportunity to become familiar with procedures, equipment, pharmaceutical drugs, or devices before they hit the market, and extending their referral network by working with other medical professionals that share the same research interest. Through our experience in helping clinical trial sponsors obtain enough investigators, nurses, and other staff members necessary to complete a study, we know that one of the most challenging aspects can be enlisting physicians. By implementing a multi-pronged advertising approach and conveying advantages through key messages, we’re able to help you meet your clinical trial investigator recruitment and retention goals.


DDA Medical works to ensure that patient and physician recruitment is correct and efficient, so as you fill your recruiting quotas, more research and development (R&D) dollars and time can be spent on other important areas of research. If your sponsoring company is in the early stages of clinical trial development, Contact DDA Medical today.

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