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Clinical Trial Marketing, Recruitment, and Data Management - Overview

Not only can DDA Medical help you market your next clinical trial to both physicians and patients so that you are able to meet your recruitment and retention goals, but DDA Medical can provide you with the Internet-based data management technologies that produce reliable end results. We are your one-source solution to ensuring that your clinical trial gains exposure in a specialized field and for collecting and managing data in order to bring your products to market quickly and safely. From pre-clinical studies through Phase 4 trials, DDA Medical brings control and efficiency to advanced clinical trials.

Clinical Trial Marketing, Recruitment, and Data Management - In-depth

Clinical Trial Marketing and Advertising
If your goal is to gain clinical trial exposure among medical professionals in a particular therapeutic area, recruit patients and investigators to meet enrollment quotas and study requirements, or to reveal efficacy data and outcomes to the medical community at large, then DDA Medical can help. From traditional print materials to innovative Internet-based media, our professional team can create the clinical trial advertisements that attract the attention of your target audience and compel your audience to take action – whether that is to participate in advancing medical knowledge or to join the discussion of improving the treatment of a given condition. DDA Medical’s clinical trial marketing and advertising services include: medical drug or product branding, medical organization or clinical trial branding, clinical trial brochures, clinical trial website design and development, and clinical trial videos. Come to us with a marketing strategy already established or let us lend our consulting services to help you determine what will work best to help you meet your goals.


Clinical Trial Patient and Investigator Recruitment
While many patients avoid participating in clinical trials out of fear of the unknown, others feel strongly that they need to be involved in helping to improve treatment options for themselves and others experiencing a condition. Diversity in opinion among the patient demographic can exist within the physicians group as well. Today, there are more ways to reach patients and physicians than ever before, and DDA Medical helps you maximize a variety of media to capture their attention and encourage those unsure about their recruitment and retention. DDA Medical’s clinical trial recruitment services include: social networking, outdoor advertising, broadcast advertising, press release writing, and traditional advertising. In what can be the most expensive and time-consuming process in clinical trial development, DDA Medical helps you expedite patient and investigator recruitment so that more time and effort can be devoted to other areas of Research and Development.


Clinical Trial Data Management
It is essential that the data collected in clinical trials be comprehensive and accurate in order for a product, device, or drug to advance in clinical trial development from investigatory to commercial. Paper-based systems are quickly becoming a thing of the past as online eClinical trial data management solutions utilize electronic processes to collect, access, exchange, and archive data and documents required for conduction, management, analysis, and reporting of the trial. DDA Medical builds online data management systems on HIPAA-compliant servers that significantly reduce the time it takes from data generation to data cleaning and ultimately data lock. Supporting electronic data capture and clinical trial data management technologies, our systems are the innovative solutions to inefficient and archaic paper-based systems. DDA Medical’s clinical trial data management services include: pre-clinical study and phase 0 eClinical data collection and phase 1-4 eClinical data collection. See how DDA Medical is helping to change the face of Research and Development with eClinical data management solutions by contacting us today.

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