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Consensus Medical Communications Acromegaly Forum CME Website


Consensus Medical Communications is an innovative medical education company, and they needed to raise awareness about the incidence, diagnosis, and treatment of Acromegaly, a rare, long-term hormonal disorder. Acromegaly occurs when the pituitary gland produces too much growth hormone, causing benign tumors, body tissue, and bones to grow. Consensus called on DDA Medical for assistance in the development of an Acromegaly education and certification program, and DDA Medical responded with a comprehensive interactive continuing medical education (CME) tool that enables physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and other clinical specialists to learn more about the disorder for more effective diagnosis and treatment.

DDA Medical is a custom website design and development company with a full range of capabilities, providing Consensus with professional graphic design, copywriting, and programming services for the Acromegaly Forum website. DDA built a series of online continuing medical education (CME) courses to provide a rigorous and efficient testing platform, with metrics to track usage and run system reports. Six CME programs, set up in full compliance with the Accreditation Council of Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) guidelines, synch informative PowerPoint slides to audio captured during live presentations. The slides provide a textual overview of the material, and intuitive controls allow users to play, stop, and pause the presentation at any point. DDA Medical integrated the transcribed text and edited all audio narration and into the website.

DDA Medical also employed SEO techniques, using text containing key terms related to Acromegaly in order to attract those searching online for more information. Finally, the CME testing process provides personalized certificates to users after the successful completion of each course.

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