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Mobile Applications - Overview

Advancements in technology in the healthcare industry are nothing short of astounding. Medical systems in particular have become extremely sophisticated and complex. It is appropriate that methods to retrieve and view medical information should be every bit as advanced. Just a decade ago, who would have thought of utilizing a handheld computer to conveniently keep up with everything from patient information to new medical procedures, especially on a mobile device that can fit in your pocket? With DDA Mobile Apps, this is precisely what you can expect.


Whether you are a physician looking to access patient information and track progress, or are a patient interested in managing your personal records with a simple downloaded app, DDA can create an innovative solution for all of your medical needs. Our full range of custom programming services, including mobile applications, opens up a whole new world of healthcare information technology. Call DDA to see how our team of mobile app programmers can optimize the flow of medical training and information today.

Mobile Applications - In-depth

From medical students to physicians, pharmaceutical and biotech companies to patients, those who seek medical information need efficient and expedient access. Everywhere, patient histories, training tools and other medical records and information are being converted to online resources. At DDA Medical, our goal is to provide the most effective and comprehensive learning experience whether it is through patient or physician portals, medical intranets, online applications or mobile apps.


There's no easier way to retrieve information than from a mobile device that is available to you all day, every day, wherever you work or live. With today's iPhone®, Android® and BlackBerry® smartphones or mobile tablets such as the iPad®, the speed at which medical information may be accessed has vastly increased.  These mobile devices have opened the door for greater efficiency and convenience, not to mention capability and cost savings. Their ease of use and portability cannot be matched.


The list of mobile applications that are available from DDA Medical is virtually endless. Just a few examples of DDA Mobile Apps's capabilities include:

Whether you're a physician looking for a superior way to manage patient records, a medical student seeking clinical references or a patient hoping to better manage your medical care, our custom programming department can produce most any web-based or app-based mobile application you need. If you can think of an app for a mobile function that has not been developed, then the professional designers at DDA can make it happen. Our in-house team of programmers works closely with every client to tailor each mobile app to precisely fit all requirements and specifications.


If you use an iPhone®, Android® or BlackBerry® Smartphone, or other mobile device such as an iPad®, bring the best of the information age to your door. Contact DDA Medical today for information on how to make your mobile app programming dreams a reality.

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