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Cryotherapy Brochure and Illustration

Cryotherapy Minimally Invasive Patient Information Brochure


Cryotherapy Brochure Design

Galil Medical commissioned DDA Medical to write and design a tri-fold brochure on cryotherapy to be distributed by a network of healthcare providers. DDA Medical’s writers explained this minimally invasive treatment for prostate cancer using content that informs patients on the new approach, lists the eligibility criteria, describes the procedure, reviews the recovery process, and adds headers to organize the information and a tagline on the cover to draw readers in. Our graphic designers ensured that this content was presented in a coherent and legible way so that all prospective patients could make fully informed decisions with their physician on this particular treatment option.


Conceptual Cryotherapy Digital Illustration


Cryotherapy Illustration


This illustration is both accurate and attractive, so that it can be engaging and informative.


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