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Customer Relations Management Systems - Overview

In order to build a network of loyal investors, patients, physicians and other healthcare professionals, referrals and specialists, and diagnostic and health services facilities, it is essential to maintain up-to-date information on each contact. Retaining accurate contact records and keeping track of all correspondences will allow you to develop a lasting working relationship and help you target your medical marketing campaigns for maximum return. DDA Medical’s customer relationship management (CRM) systems are the data organizing solution you need for contact and sales process management.


At DDA Medical, we know that no two medical organizations are alike, so we offer a variety of custom tools that can be built into a single web-based Healthcare IT CRM system. For healthcare providers, we can develop programs with different levels of administrative access that allow you or your staff to access current health-related information pertaining to patients. With DDA Medical’s CRM systems, you can accomplish all this and more. For medical device manufacturers, we can develop the tools that allow you to transfer your real-world sales cycle online. From the initial contact to the buyer’s acceptance, we help you keep track of it all. Increase efficiency and productivity while developing more meaningful customer relationships with DDA Medical’s CRM solutions.

Customer Relations Management Systems - In-depth

When it comes to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, healthcare organizations can choose from a number of pre-packaged solutions; but do these programs answer your every need? In customer service-centric industries, such as medical device and pharmaceutical sales, the strength and bonds forged between your sales force and consumer-base can mean the difference between financial success and failure. A powerful customer relationship management system facilitates extensive client history recording, analytical processing, and campaign management tools that will hugely impact your bottom line by streamlining and strengthening implemented sales initiatives. Don’t put faith in packaged software that requires you to adjust your proven practices, instead, trust in the custom CRM development programming expertise of DDA Medical.


The goal of every CRM is to improve customer, business, and operational interactions through the management and manipulation of data. But not every medical device or pharmaceutical manufacturer operates the same. As a result, standardized CRM software often fails to meet the demanding needs of medical organizations. Find the perfect fit with the help of DDA Medical. Our staff of experienced web and database programmers specializes in customized electronic customer relationship management solutions. We consider ourselves not only technical experts, but exceptional listeners. As a result, expressed CRM strategies are taken into account and functionalities set in place to bring customer management application concepts to reality.

  • Improve customer interactions and sales with comprehensive client data: With such fierce competition, doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations are routinely approached by multiple suppliers of products and services. So how do you advance from prospect to provider? DDA Medical can build comprehensive customer databases where sales and technical support representatives can sort and mine a myriad of details on each prospect or customer. From a listing of owned products to preferred methods of contact, any and all data descriptors can be implemented to form a full consumer profile. With this knowledge readily available, medical organizations can provide a higher level of attentive client services.
  • Increase sale success with analytical tools: It’s one thing to gather data and quite another to leverage that data for optimum results. With DDA Medical’s integrated analytical tools, sales representatives can identify specific groups likely to respond to a targeted marketing campaign, identify clients who’d benefit from a newly launched product or pharmaceutical, or pinpoint common consumer behaviors to better develop improved selling tactics. You define the reporting factors and we’ll answer with expertly programmed, reliable tools.
  • Build better marketing campaigns: With DDA Medical’s campaign management tools, track the success of direct mail pieces, cold calls, and promotional brochures. You’ll know what campaigns were successes and which weren’t, enabling the continual improvement of subsequent marketing efforts. Additionally, automate the dissemination of promotional pieces by selecting desired recipients, DDA Medical’s CRM program will then schedule email blasts with or without electronic attachments to designated consumers.
  • Keep sensitive data secure: DDA Medical considers customer relationship data as sensitive as personal health records. That said, every effort is made to safeguard entered data. With a HIPAA-compliant server, encrypted data transmissions, and restricted database access, clients of DDA Medical can rest assured their valuable data is kept secure.

Don’t limit yourself to rigid CRMs that could negatively affect the strength of your medical organization. Contact DDA Medical and discover the ways in which our custom programming services can streamline and improve your customer practices with electronic data management.

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