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DDA Medical Specializes in Program Add-ons - Overview

Have a web-based system already in place that could stand to be improved? Embarking on a new project, but need to find ways to enhance it while in development? DDA Medical brings well over a decade of experience in building custom-programmed tools to assist in making programs function to optimal level. Say, for example, that you want to add a mechanism on your site that would allow patients to -- in a HIPAA-compliant environment -- schedule appointments online, request scripts, ask questions, or track their personal health history. Or maybe you need to add a tracking tool that allows you to determine how many physicians participated in your online medical device training seminar. DDA Medical can make it happen.


At DDA Medical, we have many pre-programmed add-ons that we have built over the years and can be quickly implemented, plus we can custom program an add-on to suit your unique needs. We can also serve as consultants to determine if there is real value for the add-on you request to ensure that the return is conceptualized, designed, developed, and implemented properly. Whether for healthcare professionals or medical sales companies, the end goal is to make the system the best it can be by constantly developing tools that promote both efficiency and convenience, making your life easier and your practice, organization, or company more profitable.

DDA Medical Specializes in Program Add-ons - In-depth

Elevate the status of your medical website or eLearning program from ordinary to extraordinary with DDA Medical’s custom programming and application services. Though your technology-based program or website may have been considered cutting edge when it first debuted, the needs of your viewing audience are ever changing. As a result, your web-based system must evolve along with growing industry standards and emerging technologies in order to remain current and relevant. As a full-service medical technologies provider, DDA Medical possesses the in-house capabilities to analyze existing programs, identify areas in need of improvement, and implement new programs, strategies, and applications that promote on-going success.

  • Pre-programmed Add-ons: For years, DDA Medical has specialized in the design and development of eLearning portals, medical websites, digital medical marketing, and more. During this time, our staff of professional database and web programmers, graphic designers, and video technicians has developed innovative program add-ons that can be integrated into a variety of platforms quickly and at minimal cost. From comprehensive patient portals that enable online appointment scheduling and prescription requests to eCommerce shopping carts, DDA Medical offers proven high-end pre-programmed solutions.
  • Custom Applications: Are you looking to integrate innovative technology that will greatly enhance the usability and value of your medical website, training tutorial, or personal health record? Then DDA Medical is the programming provider that can answer your every need. We’ll discuss in detail your requirements in order to develop the custom programmed add-on that best satisfies your vision.

At DDA Medical, our goal is not to inundate you with a long-list of services in an effort to maximize the project size, but rather analyze the needs of your organization and audience to form a strategy that maximizes your return on investment. The add-on programs designed and developed by DDA Medical add value to your medical website, intranet, or customer relationship management (CRM) portal to improve not only internal communications and operational functionalities, but patient and customer services and communications as well. Contact DDA Medical today to learn more about our custom programming and medical marketing services.

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