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Custom Database Design & Development - Overview

The capabilities for accessing, sorting, and updating pertinent information, and improving the internal and external communication through digital media are taken to the next level with DDA Medical’s database development services. Whether you want a patient portal and need a database that holds patients, and their medical histories, or need an online directory of hundreds or thousands of medical devices organized in categories and subcategories, DDA Medical can develop, manage, and maintain databases of any size or scale.


With over a decade and a half of technical and programming Healthcare IT experience, DDA Medical is proficient in providing database programming in a variety of different programming languages, such as Coldfusion, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, .NET, and ASP. Our programmers can create and maintain databases in all versions of Microsoft’s SQL, MySQL, Microsoft Access, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and more. DDA Medical’s databases are the brains behind everything from high-volume patient acquisition websites to business-critical clinical trial data collection systems. No matter the application, our databases demonstrate consistent fast performance, high reliability, and ease of use to power up any medical organization.

Custom Database Design & Development - In-depth

Is your medical practice drowning beneath the weight of paper-based patient files?  Are you struggling to organize and maintain mountains of information? Then consider the benefits of a web-based database tailor-made to suit your organization’s unique needs. As part of our comprehensive custom programming services, DDA Medical offers database design and development to streamline information management and free up hours and funds currently funneled into archaic filing practices.  Input and manage patient records, maintain medical supply inventories, and perform a multitude of reports with one reliable database built by the custom programmers at DDA Medical.


With years of digital medical marketing and healthcare IT experience, DDA Medical recognizes the importance of security when storing sensitive healthcare information. To safeguard data, DDA Medical maintains impeccable server securities, encrypts all database connections, defines table access controls, and implements restricted database access and login functionalities.  Additionally, DDA Medical’s servers are HIPAA-compliant to ensure private data is kept just that, private and secure.


Meeting Diverse Needs with Immense Programming Capability

Behind every successful medical forum, training program, patient portal, intranet, and online directory lays a well-conceptualized and expertly programmed database. As no two organizations are identical in their practice, no two databases can fulfill unique needs without customization. At DDA Medical, we build databases from the ground up to match the specific needs of our clients. From advanced reporting and sorting functionalities to impregnable security, we are your resource for customized database solutions.


DDA Medical’s Database Development & Programming Process:

  • Establishing Needs: Before the start of database development, DDA Medical’s staff of experienced programmers interview clients to uncover expectations, required security measures, data parameters, and needed reporting and management functionalities.
  • Database Design: DDA Medical’s database designers build conceptual database plans that map table structures and relationships. This plan then passes rigorous rounds of analysis to ensure the necessary structure has been set in place to facilitate the desired functionality outcome.
  • Database Programming & Functional Implementation: Once needs are established and a solid structure set in place, DDA Medical’s database programmers begin functionality implementation. To affirm ease of use and reliability, all DDA Medical developed databases undergo usability and quality assurance analysis.

Whether you are a medical practice looking to modernize outdated file management systems or a clinical trial investigator looking to track recruiting and testing outcomes, DDA Medical is the programming provider that can deliver on the promise of uncompromising security, advanced custom-fit functionalities, and much more. Contact DDA Medical to discuss your database design requirements today.


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