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Medical & Healthcare Online Grant Application Portals - Overview

For many, the online grant application process can be long and tedious, taking hours to complete, only to return a blunt “yes” or “no” reply. This can be a major deterrent for organizations looking to improve key health service areas through grant funding. DDA Medical makes the process more efficient and user-friendly with custom-programmed grant application portals. In one portal, we’ll help you manage everything from registration, qualification, and application to payment and expenditure reporting, so that the process is seamless for every user at any level.


With our custom programming services, we not only provide the database development that makes this real-world process work online, but we offer value-added services that are unique to your needs. For example, we can create sub-user accounts within the registration areas with different levels of accessibility, and automatic email distribution with instructions of the proper procedure for the completion of post-activity reconciliation (PAR) reports. At DDA Medical, we work with you in the initial planning stages to ensure that at launch, your portal is well-equipped with the tools and utility needed to provide funding to the organizations that need it most.

Medical & Healthcare Online Grant Application Portals - In-depth

In the past, running a medical grants program meant organizing a slew of paper applications, keeping track of requested grant amounts, and manual reporting. Now, thanks to DDA Medical’s custom programming department, this process has been automated with online grant application portals. Not only will administrative responsibilities be streamlined and digitized, but the user experience greatly improved with an intuitive step-by-step submission process. As DDA Medical’s services extend far-beyond custom web and Internet-based programming, we are able to design striking portal interfaces that communicate your organizations brand and provides an easy-to-use web experience.

  • Online Application Submissions: Don’t ask grant applicants to mail lengthy applications and wait months for a response. Instead, encourage submissions by automating the process with the help of DDA Medical. We build secure, log-in protected grant application portals in which registered users view grant guidelines, requirements, and initiate paperless applications that are submitted on-demand for immediate processing. Additionally, submitters can view the status of submitted grants with DDA Medical’s tracking functionalities. And as medical grant applications are lengthy, users can save their work and return to it at a later date. For many grant programs it’s not uncommon for the review period to take several months. In that time, a lot can happen. Applicant contact information can change, credentials could increase, and more.  With a digital application, there is no need to start from scratch. Users can log in and make required application adjustments with ease.
  • Administrative Functionalities: Grant program managers can monitor grant submissions from a secure, password protected administrative database. As DDA Medical specializes in custom solutions, all desired sorting mechanisms, operational reporting functionalities, and review features are implemented with speed, accuracy, and affordability. Do you desire to refine submissions by date or applicant location? How about extracting reports detailing the total grant amount requested? By choosing DDA Medical as your grants application developer and custom programmer, no request will go unanswered.
  • Review Committee Tools:  Depending on the committee’s needs, applications can be presented in electronic or printed formats. Other options include a scheduled email reporting mechanism that sends newly submitted applications to members of the committee. And with integrated review and commenting functionalities, tag favorites and approve or deny submissions with ease.  Additionally, DDA Medical can facilitate email blasts making it easy to remind registered users of approaching review dates and deadlines.

From secure database development and exterior portal designs to custom programming and advanced user controls, DDA Medical can be counted on for exceptional online grant application portal development. We’ll listen to your needs and reply with a tailored program suited to your unique requirements. With DDA Medical, applications will be standardized, procedural involvement decreased, and submittal processes streamlined for a more organized and powerful grant experience.

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