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Paperless Electronic Medical Health Records - Overview

Keeping track of a patient’s health has never been easier than with custom-programmed Healthcare IT Personal Health Records (PHRs) from DDA Medical. Paper-based systems are now being replaced by computerized systems that reveal a complete and accurate summary of the health and medical history of patients for their own well-being and for reporting purposes to physicians and specialists, as well as medical device, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies. At DDA Medical, we can format your PHRs for PC-, portable device-, or web-based applications, so patients can record information at home, at work, and while on the go, and host it on one of DDA Medical’s HIPAA-compliant servers.


Whether PHRs are marketed directly to the consumer by a product vendor, pharmaceutical company, a non-profit, or by the healthcare provider, they typically contain information on an individual’s family history, vaccinations, medications (including dose and frequency), surgeries and other procedures, illnesses and hospitalizations, laboratory test results, fitness and wellness, nutrition, etc. The custom programming capabilities behind DDA Medical can take PHRs a step further to not only store an individual’s health information, but to provide value-added services like body index calculators, health monitoring tools, drug-to-drug interaction checks, electronic messaging between patients and providers, and much more. In fact, we can work with you to create innovative tools not yet imagined, but that meet the needs of the patients you serve. With DDA Medical, your PHRs do not need to fit a set mold, but are transformed into the new industry standard.

Paperless Electronic Medical Health Records - In-depth

In recent years, the pressure to convert medical record keeping to electronic filing systems has mounted. There is no question that once integrated the potential benefits are high. Foreseeable perks include the uncovering of filing errors, reduction of unnecessary and repeat testing, improved doctor-patient communications, increased safety, and a more empowered, well-informed patient-base.  So what’s hindering the transition from paper to digital? For many healthcare organizations, available budgets and standardization roadblocks are impeding the way to improved practices. Let the custom computer programming services of DDA Medical illuminate and clear the way.  With extensive database and secure portal programming experience, we are the one company that can analyze the needs of your facility and patients to form an effective electronic patient record system affordably and efficiently.


Professional Healthcare Records (PHR): Imagine one secure portal that can be accessed to reveal a patient’s complete medical history. With one click, you are able to view past lab results, medication histories and sensitivities, chronic medical conditions, and more. Not only can you view pertinent information pertaining to your patient’s care through this portal, but input data from a recent consultation or returned lab result. This transition from paper-record keeping to digital will improve communication between physicians, nurses, and other professionals involved in the delivery of care, as well as decrease time and budget expenditures currently dedicated to outdated recordkeeping methods. Additionally, the quality of overall care will be increased. With a comprehensive electronic personal health and medical record (EHR/EMR), doctors have immediate access to lab results, cutting down on instances of redundant testing. By partnering with DDA Medical, you have access to first-class custom programmers capable of making this transition to digital a reality. As we specialize in custom database and web programming solutions, we’ll arrive at a computerized medical patient record system that suits your hospital or private practice’s exact needs.


Not only can DDA Medical improve inner-office and departmental communications, but doctor-patient interactions as well. Offer patients secure access to their online personal health record. Here they can monitor their care and through a plethora of custom programmed features, schedule a doctor’s appointment, enter new symptoms or medication side effects, post questions, and more.


Patient Personal Health Records: Whether you are a non-profit organization looking to improve the well-being of cancer sufferers or a concerned healthcare organization wishing to empower your patients, no tool is more beneficial in promoting the betterment of care than patient personal health records. With no limit to available database fields, patients can input family history, current and past medical therapies, appointment notes, and more. And with integrated reporting and sharing mechanisms, valuable information can be extracted and shared with doctors, family members, and healthcare providers with extreme ease.


Protecting Data with Exceptional Security: The handling and storing of medical records demands heightened security measures to ensure sensitive information is kept safe and protected. To deliver on this promise, DDA Medical servers are HIPAA-compliant. Additionally, all transmission of information to and from the database is encrypted, portals secured, and strict database access privileges set in place.


When it comes to security, programming proficiency, and customized solutions, no provider can compare to the services offered by the professionals at DDA Medical. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality is unmatched. Contact us today to learn more about our abilities as an online electronic personal health record provider.

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