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DDA Medical Integrates Advanced Website & Programming Tracking Tools - Overview

Don’t guess; know that your digitally based medical marketing materials are being used successfully with DDA Medical’s specialized tracking tools. DDA Medical can integrate these tracking tools in a variety of interactive marketing media, from sophisticated Continuing Medical Education (CME) websites and eLearning modules to consumer information portals. Usability metrics allow you as the provider to observe a user’s movement, helping you understand what works and what needs to be improved, so that you can react by making any necessary enhancements and adjustments.


For medical marketing websites, DDA Medical’s sophisticated metric tracking software can monitor how users enter, what pages they are viewing, what actions they are taking, and for how long they are engaging in those activities. For CMEs, DDA Medical can track how often a user logs in, for how long they stay, where they navigate, and what their status is for completing required tests, evaluations, or quizzes. Our specialized tracking tools help you keep a pulse on the use and effectiveness of your digital medical marketing media, providing you with the ability to make sound business decisions moving forward. These tools are just one way DDA Medical builds transparency into every project helping to keep you informed and on top of the process of making your promotional efforts a success.

DDA Medical Integrates Advanced Website & Programming Tracking Tools - In-depth

So you have created a multimedia eLearning portal, patient website, or personal health record but now are curious about how it is being used and whether or not it has proven effective. DDA Medical not only provides a long list of quality services that enable our experts to provide the above mentioned technology-based tools, but also offers advanced website and program tracking systems that reveal traffic patterns, page views, feature usage, quiz scores, and much more. With this knowledge in hand, site and program administrators can formulate the needed adjustments that make your medical website or eLearning program an invaluable tool.

  • Website Analytic Tools: Need to know what areas of your site draw the most attention? Are you curious about how web-searchers are finding and entering your site? To answer these questions, DDA Medical’s custom programmers integrate website traffic and visitor analytic tools on every web page. We then give you access to comprehensive website tracking statistics that disclose information pertaining to detailed traffic patterns,  page views,  site component use, time expenditures, and more.
  • Trainee Tracking: Though a medical training program may hold enormous potential, it may never be reached without integrated tracking and eLearning assessment mechanisms that monitor trainee activity. Medical training program administrators can view course enrollment levels, trainee progress, and test results to affirm adequate usage and comprehension levels.
  • Portal Monitoring: Prove your personal health record, learning management system, or intranet was worth the investment with powerful program tracking software integrated by the custom database and web programmers at DDA Medical. View when registered users logged in, what actions they took, and how long they stayed.
  • Measuring search engine optimization: For those individuals who took advantage of DDA Medical’s proprietary search engine optimization service, you’ll receive a quarterly report detailing the strength of keywords and their rankings on major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. And for a full picture of success, we compare data from previous reports so you can assess the health of your optimization campaign and make improvements as needed.

Completing a medical website, eLearning portal, intranet, or customer relationship management program is only step one of a successful future. Arm yourself with the information that will guide your actions to keep your technology-based program or marketing tool relevant to users far into the future. Contact DDA Medical today to learn more about our website and program tracking features as well as our custom programming solutions.

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