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DaytranaMan Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Promotional Animation

DaytranaMan Animation

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Daytrana, a patch medication for ADHD, needed a way to motivate their medical sales representatives. The result was DaytranaMan, a 2D animation character created by DDA Medical designed to excite and encourage their pharmaceutical sales representatives. This animated superhero presented the Daytrana Dash, a program offering prizes to the top sales representatives who detail Daytrana to medical physicians and support them in prescribing Daytrana to patients. The top representatives in each zone and region then had a chance to spend the points they accumulate in a warehouse filled with valuable consumer goods – including electronic equipment and appliances.


The 2D animation by DDA Medical was designed to engage sales representatives in a completely new way. The mix of a cartoon superhero with humor and information energized the sales team and provided a fresh look at the Daytrana Dash to boost prescriptions. DDA Medical also provided casting services courtesy of the DDA Actors' Network to find the perfect voice for DaytranaMan. The end result is an engaging video that invigorated sales representatives and educated them in new ways and approaches to selling the product.

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