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Promotional Healthcare Professionals Live Video with Animation

DDA Medical Healthcare Professionals Video

DDA Medical developed this video presentation to showcase the latest in Interactive Integration™, a proprietary technique allowing information to be presented not as video, animation, text content, or audio – but as a combination of multiple DDA Medical capabilities. This particular combination – known as Onlivemation™ – opens new opportunities in marketing, branding, and advertising by allowing DDA Medical to integrate multiple technologies into one cohesive presentation.


In this introductory video for the Healthcare Professionals section of the DDA Medical site, the spokesperson was filmed in front of a blue screen inside DDA Medical’s on-site video production studio. Thanks to the technology of Interactive Integration™, and the work of DDA Medical’s video specialists, animators, and graphic designers, her actions are not limited simply to a typical video screen. She is able to interact with the virtual background, and her verbal message is accompanied by text and menu options for the visitor, which appear on cue. Her real-life image pulls menu items from off screen, while the activity of the virtual operating room continues in the background. This not only draws visitors to the services available for Healthcare Professionals, but also showcases how the many capabilities of DDA Medical can be combined to create a unique interactive website experience.


In this example of Onlivemation™, DDA Medical’s experienced graphic designers, illustrators, and animators worked to create the operating room setting, while the DDA Medical team of copywriters drafted and honed the perfect script to showcase the many capabilities of DDA Medical – including medical writing, continuing medical education tools, and medical website design and development. Finally, the same videographers and specialists who recorded the initial video message worked with in-house programmers to integrate everything into one cohesive user experience. It is just one example of how DDA Medical Onlivemation™ and Interactive Integration™ can create a user experience never before seen.

DDA Medical Introduction Video

DDA Medical developed this integrated video to serve as an informative and eye-catching introduction to the DDA Medical website. It was created using DDA Medical's Interactive Integration™ technique, which presents information as a seamless combination of video, text, animation, audio, and other DDA Medical capabilities. In this case, live video footage was combined with text, menu choices, and an animated environment that functions as part of the video footage. This combination – known as Onlivemation™ – allows DDA Medical to create a unique and memorable Internet presentation, thus opening new marketing opportunities for all types of medical-related businesses and organizations.


In this introduction video, the spokesperson discusses the features of the site and delivers a general overview of the capabilities of DDA Medical. The video was filmed in our on-site video studio, using state-of-the-art blue screen technology, and all production and post-production work was handled in-house by our team of experienced video specialists and programmers. By working closely with DDA Medical animators, an interactive environment was created, which allows the spokesperson to become part of the virtual setting, and not be confined within a typical video screen. As silhouetted figures move about in the background, the spokesperson introduces visitors to the site and presents a roadmap to the rest of the site. Her words are coordinated with menu items and supporting information, which appears on-screen. The video script was developed by DDA Medical copywriters, and includes a general overview of DDA Medical’s services for all types of medical professionals.


With Interactive Integration™ and Onlivemantion™, DDA Medical can create a new kind of website experience that is not easily classified, and even harder to ignore.

Medical Device Video

DDA Medical developed this integrated video to introduce the marketing, branding, and advertising capabilities available to medical device manufacturers. In addition to providing valuable information for visitors, this video showcases DDA Medical's Interactive Integration™ technique. With Interactive Integration™ and Onlivemation™ – the particular technology used for this video – websites can expand beyond the realm of simple text, video, and animation to inform and entertain the user through a virtual environment that combines a wide variety of capabilities.


For this video introducing the Medical Device area of the DDA Medical site, the spokesperson was filmed in DDA Medical's on-site video production studio using a blue screen. This allowed DDA Medical's video specialists and programmers to integrate the spokesperson into the virtual medical suite in the background, which was developed by DDA Medical's graphic designers and animators. She is also able to interact with a virtual computer in the background, and presents the visitor with links and examples that are timed perfectly with her message, which was crafted by DDA Medical's experienced script and copywriters. Because she is not limited by the rectangular video screen often used to showcase website video, she is able to interact with her surroundings and present a more cohesive and integrated look and feel. All the while, the silhouetted figures in the background continue performing the MRI procedure – creating a virtual environment that draws a user in without distracting him or her from the material at hand.


With Interactive Integration™ and Onlivemation™, DDA Medical allows website videos to escape the constraints of the typical rectangular screen and become part of a larger and more cohesive environment. This creates a website experience that is not only informative and entertaining for the user – but also unique and hard to forget.

DDA Medical Pharmaceutical Video

DDA Medical created this integrated video presentation to not only summarize the marketing and advertising services available to pharmaceutical companies, but also to showcase the latest DDA Medical innovation in website video and website development: Interactive Integration™. This proprietary technique combines live video elements with other DDA Medical capabilities, such as 2D and 3D animation, virtual environments, textual information, and interactive features. This particular example of Interactive Integration™, known as Onlivemation™, is used throughout the site for a variety of other medical videos.


After the spokesperson was filmed in DDA Medical's on-site video studio, the footage was integrated with a virtual, animated environment created by DDA Medical's graphic designers and animators. Because the spokesperson is not constrained by the rectangular video screen typically used for Internet videos, she is free to interact with the silhouetted factory workers in the background and present information to the visitor in a unique and engaging manner. Her message – which was crafted by DDA Medical's in-house copywriters – is synced with animations, providing the visitor with menu choices that correspond to her words. This not only provides a unique and engaging environment for the visitor about DDA Medical's services for pharmaceutical companies, it also demonstrates a wide variety of marketing and advertising capabilities in a brief and cohesive package. With Interactive Integration™ and Onlivemation™, DDA Medical opens new doors in the world of Internet video and website design and development.


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