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Search Engine Direct-to-Consumer Medical Marketing - Overview

For many physicians and medical professionals, search engine marketing (SEM) is a truly foreign concept, more suited for typical ecommerce websites and retail outlets. But when it comes to patient recruitment, medical device sales, continuing medical education (CME) exposure, and patient education, search engine marketing is an under-utilized tool that can drive visitors to your website and increase overall traffic.


SEM capitalizes on the fact that at least 85 percent of website hits originate through search engines, and an overwhelming majority of those users never leave the first page of search results. DDA Medical has perfected the art of search engine marketing since its inception, and was honored as one of the top ten most dependable search engine marketing firms in the United States in 2008. Proper search engine marketing improves the “organic” search results, instead of utilizing the “pay-per-click” method, which can drastically increase costs without much in the way of measurable results.


Through proper keyword research, pre- and post-launch optimization, and careful planning from the outset, your new medical website or online CME application can attract not only a high volume of Internet users, but also draw the exact visitors your medical company or practice is trying to reach. Whether you’re looking to expand your patient base, attract potential subjects for a clinical trial, or appeal to medical professionals seeking CME applications, DDA Medical has the tools and experience necessary to make your company or organization stand out in the Internet crowd.

Search Engine Direct-to-Consumer Medical Marketing - In-depth

Today, patients turn to the Internet to search for practitioners in their region or specialists in a given area of medicine, and/or information about healthcare services and treatment options. They type a few keywords or detailed keyword strings into their browsers and review the first few pages of result listings, comparing notes from different sources to become knowledgeable about their condition and what’s available to improve their quality of life. As part of DDA Medical’s direct-to-consumer medical marketing and advertising, our agency’s search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting and search engine marketing (SEM) services will help your website rank high on leading search engines for hundreds – if not thousands – of key terms related to your area of expertise.


DDA Medical: Named One of the Top 10 Most Dependable Search Engine Marketing Firms in U.S.

DDA Medical has been pioneering and evolving a proprietary 18-step search marketing website development process since the mid 1990s, well before terms like SEM or SEO became commonplace. In 2008, DDA Medical was named as One of the Ten Most Dependable Search Engine Marketing Firms in the U.S. by Goldline Research in Inc. Magazine. Thousands of SEM firms were considered, but after undergoing a stringent screening and qualifying process that number was narrowed down to a few hundred, which were subsequently interviewed and researched for best practices and client references were contacted. In the end, only ten were chosen to be the Most Dependable and DDA Medical was proud to be on the list.


DDA Medical’s Big Idea™ Information Destination™

DDA Medical can optimize your website so that it receives first-page rankings on major search engines for targeted keywords, such as “top docs in NJ” or we can develop an Information Destination™ website for a given topic, issue, or condition to receive the highest search engine rankings and the most visitors possible. Whether the purpose of the website is patient acquisition or medical device, pharmaceutical, or biotechnology product marketing, DDA Medical’s Information Destination™ websites feature high-end aesthetics, smooth navigation, cutting-edge online tools and functions, and highly-informative, medically correct content.


As a cutting-edge direct-to-consumer medical marketing and advertising agency, DDA Medical has the experience, the reputation, and the capability to make our search engine marketing services work to help your website gain greater online exposure and a strong foothold on the Internet for a particular condition, healthcare service, or treatment. From competitive intelligence analysis and keyword research to SEO copywriting and post-launch usability analysis, DDA Medical’s services will drive visitors to your website so your organization becomes a resource consumers turn to time and again for valuable medical information.

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