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Interactive Direct-to-Consumer Medical Marketing - Overview

Healthcare practices, medical facilities, and medical device manufacturers are realizing the need for interactive marketing techniques on an almost daily basis. At DDA Medical, we have been creating interactive marketing tools for years, and offer unique opportunities unlike any other medical marketing firm in the industry.


At DDA Medical, we understand how important interactive marketing tools can be for any medical-related field. We also know that those marketing strategies must be integrated and comprehensive in order to produce ideal results. That’s why DDA Medical is unique.


Instead of using one marketing firm for multimedia website development, a specialized video studio for video production, and a custom programmer for customized eLearning and patient portals, you can count on DDA Medical to handle every segment of your marketing campaign. Our programmers, copywriters, graphic designers, animators, videographers, and other specialists make DDA Medical stand out from the medical marketing crowd. From beginning to end, everything is handled under one roof, allowing your customized patient portal or integrated video to mesh perfectly with your new multimedia website and the rest of your marketing tools.

Interactive Direct-to-Consumer Medical Marketing - In-depth

Medical marketing and advertising is quickly evolving from the traditional to the interactive, and docile observation is being replaced by active participation. Patients are turning to the Internet to search for patient education materials, physicians and specialists in their area, available treatments and healthcare services, as well as to make their lives easier by requesting appointments and prescriptions online and logging symptoms and side effects for their clinician’s review. DDA Medical is a direct-to-consumer medical marketing and advertising agency that wants you to capitalize on interactive, richly integrated multimedia to reach this web savvy patient profile. We are an innovative medical marketing and advertising company with a full-service offering, providing you with integrated marketing technologies and creative resources to make virtually any interactive media concept a reality. Listed below are a few examples of our interactive marketing and advertising strategies:

  • Interactive Multimedia Websites: Combining text, audio, video, animation, still images, and interactivity, DDA Medical creates unique multimedia direct-to-consumer websites where the effect is a sensory experience unlike any other. Your multimedia website can include any number of interactive elements, such as patient portals that facilitate the scheduling of appointments, maintenance of patient records, and more.
  • Interactive Video: As a rich media and synchronous media developer, DDA Medical produces interactive videos that allow the user to adjust variables; converse in a question/answer or command/response manner; explore space within a video; search for a specific clip; add annotations; manipulate the position of objects; and insert virtual elements. Whether used as an educational or promotional medium, viewers see exactly what they want to see in the manner that suits them best.
  • Interactive eLearning Tools: When multimedia takes shape as an interactive eLearning tool, improved comprehension and long-term memory retention results. DDA Medical can produce innovative eLearning tools, ranging from live medial webcasts that allow physicians to explain a condition or treatment and patients to ask questions in real-time, to blogs, discussion boards, and forums that encourage patient-to-physician communication. With DDA Medical’s integrated marketing technology, patient education is successful and efficient.
  • Interactive Virtual Environments: In an immersive virtual environment, patients can simulate real-life scenarios like physician consults, treatment administration, medical device operation, post-surgery care, and any other situation in which preparation would benefit actual application. DDA Medical’s innovative medical marketing and advertising services make it possible to transform real-world experiences into immersive online environments.
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