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Direct-to-Consumer Medical Marketing for New Patient Acquisition - Overview

For most physicians and medical care facilities, there is no more important marketing effort than patient acquisition. With the advancement of the Internet and technology, acquiring new patients has become easier, and more difficult at the same time. Instead of simply counting on patients to visit their nearest physician or facility, prospective patients are now turning to the Internet or other means to find physicians and specialists.


This means that in order to be successful, a physician or medical care facility needs not only a strong Internet presence, but also a comprehensive marketing campaign to create brand awareness. This includes a well-branded, professional, customized, and informative website for your practice or facility. DDA Medical is an industry leader in the design and development of medical websites, which can include everything from simple contact and background information to integrated video and full-scale patient portals. And because DDA Medical never uses templates or pre-formed designs, a new site will be uniquely yours, providing useful information and making a strong impression with prospective patients.


DDA Medical’s unique capabilities also allow us to offer many other patient acquisition strategies, including printed brochures, live online webcasts, and countless other possibilities. DDA Medical is perfectly positioned to aid in every step of your new patient acquisition efforts.

Direct-to-Consumer Medical Marketing for New Patient Acquisition - In-depth

Starting your own healthcare practice and need to acquire new patients?

Between liability insurance and rent for office space, healthcare practice expenses can be quite costly. That said, acquiring patients just after you’ve opened your doors is more than important, it is critical to the success of your practice. DDA Medical is a leading medical marketing and advertising agency focused on helping physicians acquire new patients and grow their practice through digital- and print-based media. We work with you to understand what therapeutic areas you specialize in, what services and treatments you offer, and what other practices are viable options to patients in your region. With that knowledge, we’ll ascertain your patient demographic and level of competition for effective consumer healthcare branding and innovative direct-to-consumer advertisements. The right image and promotion will transform your medical practice from struggling start-up to lasting success.


Breaking into different modalities and want to acquire more patients?

Extending your healthcare services could prove a remarkable opportunity, but expanding your patient base could pose a challenge. Those adding to or enhancing their service offerings might find a natural extension from an existing patient list, but those embarking on new and different ventures might find patient acquisition to be just a difficult as opening an entirely new facility. Regardless of your aspirations in healthcare, DDA Medical can help ensure that your schedules are filled with appointments through professional medical practice marketing and advertising strategies. We can help you target your new consumer with branding and advertisements designed to appeal to his or her unique wants and needs.


From printed brochures and direct mail pieces to interactive medical websites and live streaming webcasts, DDA Medical offers the full range of medical marketing and advertising services for healthcare promotion. After identifying the best patient acquisition strategy for your practice, we’ll conceptualize, design, and develop the medical direct-to-consumer marketing and advertising media that compels patients to contact your office for an initial consultation. And we’ll help you keep your patients by creating the online tools and patient portals that make scheduling appointments, maintaining medical records, requesting prescriptions, and so on easy, convenient, and hassle-free.

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