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Direct-to-Consumer Medical Marketing for Patient Education - Overview

As the Internet and other technologies become more integral parts of everyday life, the average patient strives to become more educated about his or her ailments and illnesses. But instead of finding relevant and well-sourced information, patients often find poorly researched answers to their health questions. At DDA Medical, we understand how important patient education is in today’s medical and healthcare environment, and provide the tools necessary to inform and educate patients via a wide variety of services.


Patient education is often closely connected to new patient acquisition, as prospective patients search for information about symptoms, treatments, or procedures before choosing a physician or course of treatment. By providing clear and concise educational information, your medical practice, medical device manufacturer, or pharmaceutical company can provide honest information in a manner that highlights an understanding of their needs and attracts prospective patients.


Well-built and informative medical websites are critical to patient education, and DDA Medical has the capabilities to design, develop, and launch the perfect medical website to fit your needs. From talented graphic designers and experienced programmers to video specialists and degreed copywriters, DDA Medical offers every service under one roof.


DDA Medical can also create patient education materials using traditional marketing methods and other types of interactive marketing tools. Whether you simply need a patient information brochure, or you take advantage of our high definition video production studio to create an educational video for use on the Internet, DDA Medical will meet and exceed your expectations.

Direct-to-Consumer Medical Marketing for Patient Education - In-depth

Today’s patients want to be informed consumers. They want to know about their health and condition; they want second and sometimes third opinions on a clinical diagnosis; they want to know about all of their treatment options, they want to know about the skill and experience of their attending physician, they want to research all possible specialists, and much more. Outside of patient-to-physician consultations, how do you answer all of their questions? Simply put, patient education media will serve a dual role: provide patients with the information they search for and provide you with the direct-to-consumer medical marketing that will grow your practice or increase sales within your medical organization.


Patient Education through Print-based Media

DDA Medical is a medical marketing and advertising agency capable of producing both print- and digitally-based media that is as informative as it is impressive. Our graphic designers and copywriters work together on patient education brochures, direct mail pieces, posters, calendars, postcards, trade advertisements (ads), and more to ensure that they appeal to a particular patient demographic. This professional team joins individual talents to create print media that is cohesive and well-organized so that an audience is attracted to the patient education material and can easily grasp key messages. DDA Medical’s design, copywriting, and production services create printed materials that are kept as a valuable resource for patients and that encourage patients to contact their physician to learn more about available healthcare products or services.


Patient Education through Digitally-based Media

As patients become more web savvy, they turn to the Internet to search for the information they seek – whether that is on signs and symptoms, treatments and side effects, or specialists and medical centers. Such patients are a prime audience for which direct-to-consumer advertisements work well. DDA Medical can help you develop innovative patient education websites, videos, DVDs, software, and more that enable the user to interact with the media presented. Furthermore, we can program patient education management and assessment tools that allow you to monitor use, track navigation, and record patient data. For digitally-based media, the professional team noted above expands to include web developers, videographers, animators, programmers, and others depending on the specifications of the project. These experienced professionals comprise DDA Medical’s marketing and advertising agency staff and help create a unique place where it is possible to create, design, develop, and produce the full range of print- and digitally-based media that is educational, promotional, interactive, and completely innovative.

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