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Direct-to-Consumer Medical Relationship Marketing - Overview

Unlike most retail-based industries – or even many service-based market-segments – the medical industry often relies more on patients referred by clinicians than it does on acquiring new patients. This is why relationship marketing is critical to the success of nearly any medical practice, physician, healthcare facility, or medical device manufacturer – and also why DDA Medical is the perfect source for your medical marketing needs.


In addition to traditional and interactive medical marketing tools, DDA Medical understands the importance of relationship marketing in the healthcare industry. Relationship marketing goes beyond a single marketing tool or technique, instead focusing on the overall connection between patient and provider, to create a relationship that will ultimately benefit the patient. This can involve everything from simple referral forms, to a complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.


CRM software can allow physicians, medical facilities and organizations, and even medical device manufacturers to record, track, and organize contacts with other colleagues and institutions. This allows for easier follow-ups, targeted marketing, and better patient treatment. At DDA Medical, our talented programmers have years of experience with CRM systems of all types. We build everything from the ground up, guaranteeing a customized system that fits the needs of each individual client, and working with each client to make sure those needs are met at every step along the way.


For the best in relationship marketing strategies and all types of medical marketing tools and techniques, count on DDA Medical.

Direct-to-Consumer Medical Relationship Marketing - In-depth

One of the most important medical marketing resources – relationships with people – is often overlooked as advertising efforts focus solely on gaining media visibility. At DDA Medical, we know you’ve worked hard to acquire loyal patients for your practice or medical center and we want you to retain them over the course of your career. As a full-service medical marketing and advertising agency, we offer innovative print- and digitally-based relationship marketing strategies that connect you with your patients in unique ways, opening the lines of communication to benefit you and your patients.


Today, the patient/physician relationship extends beyond the closed door consultation or particular bedside manner to regular points of contact providing one and two-way communication. Let your patients know about others’ success stories, new services or treatments, changes in office procedures, and/or awards your practice or facility has received, all while seeking their advice and input on how things could be improved for an even better experience. Below is a list of a few examples of how you could put your direct-to-consumer medical relationship marketing into action:

  • Newsletters or Direct Mail Media: Send out monthly, quarterly, or semiannually to keep patients informed about the latest goings-on at your practice, hospital, or medical center.
  • Email Marketing: Compile a list of your patients’ email addresses to blast an important message or a series of links to valuable online patient education resources.
  • Interactive Relationship Marketing Media: Contract DDA Medical to create innovative interactive media that engages users by encouraging their participation, conveys key marketing messages, and enables them to respond.
  • Patient Portal Technologies: Communicate with patients and let them communicate with you online at any time with a DDA Medical patient portal where all patient data is encrypted and stored on our HIPAA-compliant servers.

DDA Medical’s advertising services run the gamut of direct-to-consumer relationship medical marketing. With copywriters, graphic designers, web developers, programmers, animators, photographers, illustrators, videographers, and more under one roof, you have the unprecedented opportunity to develop a unique relationship marketing strategy never before explored. In addition, as all of these professionals are in house, production is streamlined to maximize efficiency and quality.

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