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Traditional Direct-to-Consumer Medical Marketing - Overview

At DDA Medical, we are always on the cutting edge when it comes to the latest in marketing technologies, including integrated video, high-tech animation, and custom eLearning portals. But that doesn’t mean we neglect the more traditional marketing tools that can be critical to the success of your medical practice, healthcare facility, medical organization, medical device manufacturing firm, or other healthcare-related marketing efforts.


Whether it’s as simple as a printed brochure or direct mail campaign, or involves a complete website design and development effort, DDA Medical has all the tools under one roof to fit your needs. Instead of outsourcing our work, we count on an in-house team of copywriters, programmers, graphic designers, videographers, animators, and interactive media specialists to develop every aspect of your next marketing strategy.


The root of every medical marketing effort – especially for medical practices, companies, and organizations searching for an identity – is in marketing and branding. At DDA Medical, we offer everything from logo development and strategic marketing to trade show displays, medical writing, illustration, and in-house digital photography.


At DDA Medical, we understand that today’s interactive marketing tools will never and should never replace traditional marketing strategies. We are uniquely positioned to not only provide you with the highest quality traditional marketing tools in the industry, but also merge them seamlessly with all types of interactive marketing techniques, creating the perfect marketing strategy for your needs.

Traditional Direct-to-Consumer Medical Marketing - In-depth

Even in today’s fast-paced electronic world, there’s still room for traditional advertising in medical direct-to-consumer marketing. Patients still appreciate physically flipping through a brochure and pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device trade shows in large event centers aren’t going away anytime soon. Although DDA Medical is an innovative medical marketing and advertising agency constantly pushing the creative envelope with interactive technologies and richly integrated multimedia, we continue to offer traditional forms of marketing media. Why? Simply put, because we want to provide you with the comprehensive solution you’re looking for; one source for all available medical marketing and advertising services. Below is a sampling of our traditional marketing and advertising strategies:

  • Logo Design and Development: Your logo defines your marketing identity and as such needs to communicate who you are and what you do. DDA Medical will work with you to create a series of logo concepts varied in style and color so that you can choose the one that best reflects your practice and healthcare services.
  • Brochure Design and Development: Just because brochures fall under the umbrella of traditional media, doesn’t mean they need to be boring. DDA Medical specializes in creating unique brochure designs, including, but not limited to, waterfall displays; specialty stock (like transparent pages); and die cutting for folders, CD/DVD or business card insertion, or image cutouts.
  • Direct Mail Design and Development: Traditional marketing campaigns with a direct mail wave can be a great way to reach your target patient profile. At DDA Medical, we’ll not only design and produce a series of direct mail pieces that together send a cohesive marketing message, but we’ll consult with you on the number and frequency of mailings to ensure that the campaign is effective.
  • Trade Show Graphic Design and Development: At crowded trade show exhibits, your medical organization needs to stand out and be seen for the marketing effort and expense to be worthwhile. DDA Medical’s professional experience ranges from designing pop-up booths, to large trade show displays that run for hundreds of feet and include walls and structures constructed by us, TV monitors showing video conceptualized and produced by us, banners and graphics designed by us, and more.

As an industry leading direct-to-consumer medical marketing and advertising agency, DDA Medical is redefining the meaning of traditional. For traditional forms of media and innovative strategies unlike any other, contact DDA Medical today.

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