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Continuing Medical Education (CME) Tools and Applications by DDA Medical - Overview

Continuing Medical Education (CME) has long been an integral part of the medical world. But these tools are now more important than ever, and their development often includes a wide variety of elements such as video production, testing and evaluation capabilities, and eLearning systems. At DDA Medical, we not only have the capabilities to fulfill all those needs, but also the experience to integrate them into a cohesive and effective CME tool.


The graphic designers, programmers, copywriters, animators, and video specialists at DDA Medical have experience with CME tools of all shapes and sizes. From online presentations and live webcasts that can be archived, to integrated tests, evaluation tools, and full-scale video tutorials, DDA Medical can create CMEs to fit any need.


And since DDA Medical never uses templates or cookie-cutter designs, your next CME will be built from the ground up with your topic and audience in mind, thus creating a customized CME that perfectly serves your needs. Our experienced programmers can even build and integrate an easy-to-use administrative back-end system to monitor usage and results.


With DDA Medical, Continuing Medical Education (CME) has never been easier, or more effective.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Tools and Applications by DDA Medical - In-depth

Continuing medical education (CME) has long played an important role in the medical world. As CME tools have evolved – especially on the Internet – they have also become even more important for all types of clinicians, who are often required to earn CME credits each year. And if these online CMEs are designed, developed, and implemented by an experienced medical marketing, eLearning, and CME company like DDA Medical, they can become part of a successful full-scale medical marketing plan and strategy.


At DDA Medical, we are uniquely positioned in the world of CME development, because we offer such a wide array of medical marketing services under one roof. From our high definition video production studio and experienced video specialists who can webcast live video streams and synchronize PowerPoint to video, to custom programmers, website eLearning developers, and degreed copywriters, DDA Medical has all the in-house capabilities necessary to create custom online CMEs of all shapes and sizes. Since DDA Medical never outsources its work, you can rest easy knowing that your CME and overall physician marketing strategy are being handled effectively and efficiently by a team of experienced professionals.


Effective CME Development and Marketing

The most effective online CME tools offer a combination of animation, text, graphical information, audio or video, and comprehensive evaluation testing and certification. DDA Medical not only creates and produces all of these media-rich technologies, but it has pioneered the concept of the synchronous media eLearning experience. By offering continuing medical education via the Internet, your organization is not only sparing the travel expense and logistical hassle of live, on-site educational sessions, but also appealing to the often hectic schedule of many physicians and healthcare professionals. Online and interactive CME applications provide a unique opportunity to reach out to physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals in an interesting and effective manner. Because most clinicians are required to participate in continuing medical education on a regular basis, online CME tools provide the perfect opportunity to expose your target audience to a larger, direct-to-physician medical marketing strategy.


Customized CMEs and Medical Marketing Materials

At DDA Medical, nothing is ever designed, developed, or implemented using a template. Our team of experienced professionals works with each client from the very beginning to create an interactive, customized CME tool, or an overall medical marketing plan that includes continuing medical education applications. Your CME and other medical marketing materials will be custom designed and developed from the ground up, allowing you to focus in on your target audience and provide a state-of-the-art user experience. Whether you’re marketing to physicians, marketing for physicians, or aiming for another group of clinicians or allied professionals, you will have input and control throughout the design, development, and implementation of your CME, ensuring that every expectation is met.


Your Complete Medical Marketing Agency

Whether you need an integrated CME, healthcare or medical trade show display, physician brochure, or a strategy to increase physician referrals, DDA Medical is the perfect one-stop source for all your traditional and online medical marketing needs. From medical device and equipment marketing to pharmaceutical marketing, medical sales marketing, and physician practice marketing, DDA Medical has all the answers under one roof. Contact us today.

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