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Physician Information Brochures by DDA Medical - Overview

DDA Medical has created countless interactive marketing platforms for our clients, but we also know just how important a traditional brochure can be for your marketing efforts. And at DDA Medical, our print brochures are anything but ordinary.


Our experienced graphic designers never use pre-packaged designs or templates, and work closely with each client to create a custom aesthetic for each and every brochure. From color schemes and integrated logos, to trifolds and mini catalogs, every brochure is created from scratch and sculpted to fit your needs.


When reaching out to physicians or healthcare professionals, it is critical to not only draw attention, but also to include concise, well-thought out content written by professional degreed copywriters, like those at DDA Medical. The medical writing team at DDA Medical boasts years of experience in most medical areas, and can help you develop well-organized and succinct messages for your brochure.


At DDA Medical, we are uniquely positioned to not only provide high quality printed brochures and other traditional marketing tools, but also to integrate those tools into a larger, cohesive marketing campaign that makes sense from beginning to end. Instead of working with one company for your website development, another for intranets and patient portals, and a third for print brochures, count on DDA Medical to develop a complete launch and marketing campaign from start to finish.

Physician Information Brochures by DDA Medical - In-depth

As a leading interactive and traditional medical marketing agency, DDA Medical is uniquely positioned to provide a wide variety of medical marketing services, including website design and development, continuing medical education (CME) development, healthcare IT portals, and eLearning tools. But we also understand the importance of traditional medical marketing strategies – and realize that something as simple as a physician information brochure can be a great resource for both patients and clinicians alike.


Custom Designed and Developed Physician Information Brochures

Whether it’s a medical device manufacturer looking to promote a new piece of equipment, or a pharmaceutical marketing campaign for a new drug, physician information brochures can be crucial in determining success or failure. At DDA Medical, our in-house graphic designers and medical copywriters will work with you from the outset to create an eye-catching and informative design that either helps to create a new corporate identity for your practice, device, drug, or procedure; or fits in with an existing brand that is already recognizable. Whether it’s a trifold brochure, mini catalog, sell sheet, or other printed medical marketing materials, DDA Medical can help you make an impact on physicians and the rest of your target audience.


Direct-to-Physician Print Marketing and Medical Writing

At DDA Medical, our degreed copywriters have years of experience in creating medical marketing materials, including physician information brochures. They will help you create a cohesive message that speaks directly to physicians and healthcare professionals in a concise, well-presented, and intelligent manner. From initial content development through the final production of your brochure, marketing to physicians has never been easier than it is with DDA Medical on your side.


Brochures as Part of a Full-Scale Medical Marketing Strategy

A physician information brochure can be an integral part of a larger physician marketing plan and medical marketing strategy. Unlike other medical marketing agencies, which often specialize in a specific type of medical marketing – such as print materials, websites, CME development, or medical device marketing – DDA Medical handles all kinds of medical marketing strategies under one roof. This allows you to trust one medical marketing group with all your marketing for physicians, which guarantees a cohesive look and feel that creates a strong, recognizable and professional brand identity.


Medical Marketing Done Right at DDA Medical

From Medical Internet marketing to physician information brochures and other printed marketing materials, DDA Medical has the experience to handle all your medical marketing needs under one roof. Whether you’re marketing to physicians, implementing a new medical device marketing strategy, or embarking on a direct-to-consumer marketing campaign, the experts at DDA Medical will work with you from beginning to end to meet and exceed your expectations, and achieve your goals. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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