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DDA Medical 2D and 3D Animation - Overview

Inject your technology-based eLearning program with motion by employing DDA Medical for custom 2D and 3D medical animations. Not only is this medium eye-catching, animations can provide an in-depth look at the workings of the anatomy or can highlight the proper use of a medical device or procedure.


Unlike actual video footage that is restricted to where the lens can go, animation erases these boundaries, allowing healthcare professionals and patients an up close look at the physiology of a microscopic cell, the inner workings of an organ, and a clear unobstructed view of a medical procedure, thereby enhancing the learning experience and increasing viewer knowledge.


Our expert animators utilize state-of-the-art technologies to deliver high-caliber 3D animations that are true to life, and our team of professional graphic artists enables DDA Medical to infuse various levels of stylization to create animations that are not only informative, but custom and artistically pleasing. Bring your eLearning website to life with 2D animated icons, logos, and menus that enhance the user experience with interactivity and eye-catching appeal.

DDA Medical 2D and 3D Animation - In-depth

In the medical world, there are many conditions, topics, and mechanisms of action that are so complex, words and static images fail to convey the full message. As a result, healthcare professionals can sometimes lack the confidence and knowledge required for the delivery of optimized patient care. At DDA Medical, we solve this training dilemma with medical animation eLearning tools for training videos and other web- and technology-based training platforms. Healthcare eLearning courses and courseware with integrated animations guarantee trainees procedural simulations that increase knowledge and consequently improve the overall quality of patient care.


With an in-house team of professional animators, DDA Medical can deliver 2D medical device animations illustrating operator use or lifelike 3D medical animations of a surgical procedure. Whether utilized as a stand-alone medical training tool or integrated into a comprehensive eLearning program, scientific animations define what cannot be easily expressed with words.


Why Choose DDA Medical for Custom eLearning Course Development and Animation?

  • Professional Medical Illustrators: Animation is defined as the application of spontaneous lifelike movement, but before the animators of DDA Medical can inject motion into a medical training program, graphic designers must first craft the illustration. With a staff of degreed artists, we are able to create the detailed representation of any medical device, mechanism of action, or element of the human anatomy with exacting precision.
  • 2D & 3D Expertise: DDA Medical can define an emerging medical procedure with 2D animation or provide expertly-modeled 3D animations for believable simulations. Using the latest animation software, DDA Medical’s animators add layers of texture and shading for Hollywood caliber results.
  • Animated Logos, Icons & Graphics: DDA Medical can amplify the appeal of your medical education training program with animated logos, icons, or graphics that capture the attention of viewers and add an additional layer of professionalism to your eLearning system or medical CME.
  • Blending Interactivity & Innovation with Usability: DDA Medical strives to achieve what other eLearning developers can not by providing innovative technologies that redefine the standards of multimedia eLearning solutions. Integrate a live actor into an interactive animated environment with DDA Medical’s exclusive service, Onlivemation™. Or, give trainees hands-on experience with virtual medical simulations. For your online medical training program, DDA Medical can develop a custom animated model of a medical device, surgical tool, or component of the human anatomy that users can manipulate in a virtual training environment. Plus, every training animation features integrated navigation tools that enable users the ability to pause, advance, or rewind particular topics to ensure material absorption.

As animations are an adaptable training tool they can be applied to a variety of training formats. For eLearning websites and Learning Management Systems (LMS), DDA Medical is the right fit for your medical animation and eLearning needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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