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Evaluate Training Program Effectiveness and Confirm User Understanding - Overview

Training without assessment is like driving a car with no headlights. You have the necessary tools to progress forward but not the element to illuminate the way. That’s where the expertise of DDA Medical comes in. With extreme in-house capability that includes interactive tool development, multi medical presentations and extreme custom programming capabilities, we possess the necessary tools to integrate highly-effective assessment programs that facilitate and confirm trainee comprehension.


Our in-house programmers build systems that track trainee usage and test results so you’ll know in an instant whether or not important information is being successfully absorbed. With this knowledge in hand, problem areas can be identified and a training program formed to ensure the best and most efficient approach to successful learning.


Find your way to better learning practices with DDA Medical’s advanced eLearning assessment development process.

Evaluate Training Program Effectiveness and Confirm User Understanding - In-depth

When it comes to successful eLearning development, the creation of informative medical training tools is undoubtedly a high-priority. Of equal concern is the integration of training assessment tools. Without evaluation of training, administrators are blind to the effectiveness of their medical eLearning program, but with them, have the tools to affirm trainee comprehension, web-based training enrollment and course completion. As a custom eLearning developer, DDA Medical recognizes the pivotal role of training evaluation methods and offers a variety of skills assessment tools to track trainee progress and affirm program effectiveness.


During eLearning course development, DDA Medical takes great care in formulating medical training tools that are both enjoyable to use and easy to operate; and we take the same consideration when implementing online training assessment. Whether the user is a trainee or a course administrator, what is certain is intuitive functionality that streamlines both the training and management processes.


Training Program Evaluation Tools for Maximum Results

  • User Tracking: To track the level of online medical training use, DDA Medical programmers integrate tracking code so administrators can know in an instant which programs registered users are enrolled in, the courses they complete, and how long they utilize the training program.
  • Testing & Accreditation: To validate trainee comprehension, a multimedia quiz is an ideal way to reinforce critical topics and illuminate needed areas of improvement. As an experienced eLearning systems provider, a DDA Medical developed eLearning quiz is interactive, easy to navigate, and well-organized for a clean and clear presentation. Behind the scenes, results are organized by user and program for the effortless evaluation of testing data.
  • Performance-based Training: For extensive, long-term training, implement sophisticated eLearning solutions that grow with the trainee. Here’s how it works. When a user successfully completes required courseware, DDA Medical’s training evaluation tools will confirm satisfactory completion, opening up a higher level of eLearning courseware to qualified individuals. Trainees who fail to meet the grade must stay back until the required level of material proficiency is achieved.

Find Your Way to Better Learning Practices with Training Assessment by DDA Medical

Training without assessment, put simply, doesn’t work. To achieve effective medical education training programs, eLearning administrators must be able to evaluate results and DDA Medical has made this possible with online training and assessment. With DDA Medical as your eLearning developer, not only will healthcare professionals and patients be engaged with informative, multimedia eLearning tools, but confident that they’ve successfully absorbed the required material and fully prepared to apply this knowledge for the betterment of medical care.

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