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CD-ROM & DVD Training Tools Developed by DDA Medical - Overview

For an interactive training experience that is perfect for both on- and off-the job applications, choose eLearning programs formatted for CD-ROM. With functionalities that are limited only to your imagination, CD-ROMs offer our clients with many options in learning platforms. Instruct with custom animations with supporting text and voice over narration. Explain the complex with detailed illustrations and slides of professional medical writing. Reveal clinical trial results through graphs and tables and provide critical resource material with downloadable PDFs. And with all the administrative capability of a website, CD-ROM providers can affirm program use with login records, test results, and page view reporting capabilities.


DVDs are also a great choice for those looking to distribute training videos. Our team of professional flash designers and programmers build intuitive graphic user interfaces for attractive menus that facilitate easy navigation through chapters. Additionally, DDA Medical offers disk label and case design services for a polished complete and professional look.

CD-ROM & DVD Training Tools Developed by DDA Medical - In-depth

When it comes to technology-based medical training, available eLearning delivery formats are as diverse as eLearning tool varieties. From an interactive training CD-ROM to Learning Management System (LMS) websites, each training format has its benefits. With so many options, how do you determine what delivery is best for your medical training program? Are you looking for user interactivity? Is tracking trainee progress a necessity? Do you desire a format that is accessible both on- and off-the-job? If you answered “yes” for the above answers, consider healthcare eLearning courses formatted on CD-ROM or DVD.


The benefits of CD-ROM-based medical training are vast. First and foremost, training on CD-ROM offers a highly interactive environment in which the trainee is encouraged to participate. Secondly, computer-based training CD-ROMs support virtually all file types, enabling a media-rich learning environment that instructs through sound, graphics, video, and text. Lastly, CD-ROM training is flexible. From a medical training video to complex multimedia eLearning courseware, when formatting training courses on CD/DVD, if it can be programmed, it can be achieved.

  • Interactive Digital Manuals: Lengthy paper manuals that are expensive to produce are a thing of the past. Instead, create a highly interactive training CD-ROM manual. With it, users will be able to effortlessly navigate through reference material and view a number of multimedia medical training tools, such as video, animation, medical illustrations, and more.
  • eLearning Courseware: Like current technologies have redefined the medical world, custom eLearning course development has revolutionized the way in which patients and healthcare professionals learn. Let the eLearning solution developers at DDA Medical create innovative, self-paced CD-ROMs that streamline outdated training methods and improve your bottom line. DDA Medical training courses on CD and DVD feature highly attractive graphical user interfaces that facilitate easy course navigation. And, with a vast resource of eLearning capabilities, no request will go unanswered. From voiceover narrations synched with text and supporting graphics to integrated video and user tracking, DDA Medical will answer your medical education training needs.
  • CD-ROM Certification Training: With all the capabilities of a website, interactive training CD-ROMs can be custom-programmed to track trainee progress. When the medical training program is accessed, information pertaining to page views and testing results is stored in a DDA developed web-based administrative database. eLearning managers can then track program use by user, assess completion rates, and view quiz results. Furthermore, trainees can receive immediate course certification or accreditation to validate comprehension and material retention.
  • Disk Label & Case Design: For a polished, professional presentation, DDA Medical’s graphic artists design attractive disk label and case designs that reinforce your brand and corporate identity. Plus you’ll never have to look elsewhere as DDA Medical offers CD-ROM and DVD duplication, replication, and print production services.

Teach, communicate, and track with eLearning tools formatted on CD or DVD. Unlike traditional methods of training that are restricted to location, computer-based training CD-ROMs and DVDs provide healthcare professionals and patients with valuable information that can be accessed from any location at any time. Contact DDA Medical to get more effective training tools today.

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