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Professional Medical Education Training and Healthcare eLearning - Overview

As a healthcare professional, staying abreast with the latest medical procedures and technologies isn’t just an occupational recommendation, it’s a necessity. With standards of patient care ever-evolving and constant advancements in equipment and procedures a given, securing a proven and efficient method of continuing medical education is a must; and here’s how DDA Medical can help.


Our experts specialize in the development of interactive eLearning environments. No subject matter is too complex and our unique approach to interactive training is ideal for the dissemination of information that both captivates and informs. And unlike many eLearning developers who formulate template-derived programs, DDA Medical creates custom solutions that are tailored to our client’s specific needs.


At DDA Medical, we help healthcare professionals function at their highest capacities.

Professional Medical Education Training and Healthcare eLearning - In-depth

For healthcare professionals, education does not end with the attainment of a degree. In fact, healthcare training and education will remain a constant throughout a professional’s entire medical career. As technologies are ever-evolving and standards of patient care constantly on the move, CME, continuing medical education plays a critical role in maintaining career proficiency. At DDA Medical, our goal is to streamline training processes by implementing medical eLearning tools, programs, and systems that promote user interactivity for the most effective and efficient learning experience.


As preferred learning styles vary, DDA Medical builds eLearning courses that approach healthcare education and training in a blended way by synchronizing multimedia and technology-based training tools for highly-effective eLearning solutions. Informative copy can be accompanied by professional voiceover narrations and hard to grasp topics can be made clear with medical illustrations, 2D or 3D animations, virtual medical simulations or healthcare training videos. At DDA Medical, our specialty is combining these web-based training tools to achieve custom eLearning courseware that suits all learning styles. Let the eLearning course development specialists at DDA Medical supercharge your outdated healthcare job and career training. Read on to learn how:

  • Continuing Medical Education: DDA Medical works with accredited CME providers to build online healthcare training programs complete with on-demand accreditation and administrative assessment tools. With a broad-range of healthcare training services, DDA Medical can carry out all CME development requests, in-house and efficiently. Whether the desire is for integrated medical training videos or custom medical illustrations and animations, we possess the required skill-set to deliver high-quality results.
  • Medical Device Training: For medical device manufacturers, promoting your device is step one. Step two is clearly explaining the device and its indications for use. With DDA’s medical device training programs, complicated machine operations are simplified and presented in ways that ensure operator competence. Available training platforms include custom programmed online- and web-based eLearning with advanced user controls, medical training videos, virtual medical simulations, testing and certification, and more.
  • Simulation Training: Give healthcare professionals hands-on experience without the risk of live procedures through medical simulation training. The immersive virtual simulation experience enables users to control the use of a medical device or perform a virtual operation to ensure the correct real-world application of the simulated procedure or treatment.

Exceeding eLearning Training Expectations with Innovation

As custom eLearning developers that specialize in innovative approaches to medical training, no subject matter or training approach is too complex. From synchronous multimedia environments where the user has a choice of learning tools to traditional training approaches like medical video, DDA Medical is your resource to higher medical training and learning.

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