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eLearning Course Management Systems - Overview

Imagine a learning portal finely-tuned to your exact needs. Unlike the countless providers who offer packaged training management systems that lack the features necessary for your medical organization or institution, DDA Medical creates custom solutions with unique capabilities from synchronous media to live webcast, and archived presentations to tracking and testing.


With one tool from DDA Medical you can train healthcare professionals across all departments, post relevant industry articles, participate in forums, edit tests, and evaluate results. There is no limit to available features or functionalities as DDA Medical houses a degreed programming, design, and all media capable development team that is ready to carry out any and all learning system requests.

eLearning Course Management Systems - In-depth

For any large-scale medical organization, establishing an effective form of continuing medical education can be a challenge.  Without a solid learning management system (LMS), verifying trainee eLearning course enrollment and comprehension levels can be a laborious experience. What organizations need are medical training tools that streamline the entire learning process, from the dissemination of multimedia eLearning courseware to the tracking of trainee progress. DDA Medical answers this need with online learning management systems custom tailored to fit our clients’ unique needs.


Unlike many eLearning management systems that are used primarily for the dissemination of content, DDA Medical specializes in immersive, interactive experiences. Post a medical training video demonstrating breakthrough medical technology, stream a live webcast of a key opinion leader discussing a relevant topic, or distribute online virtual medical simulation and other training programs.  With DDA Medical as your eLearning developer and LMS provider, there are no limitations. Whatever the need, we will answer with technology-based training tools that far exceed your expectations.


DDA Medical Learning Management Systems: The Trainee Perspective

Days of misplacing important medical training materials are over. LMS, learning management systems, provide healthcare professionals with one portal in which users can access pertinent training material, participate in forums, and much more:

  • Customized Learning Library: Here trainees can access available eLearning courseware, enroll in desired medical training programs and complete the course at their own pace. Interrupted by a medical emergency? No problem. The LMS monitors your progress so you can pick up where you left off at a later date. And, to assess your level of comprehension, DDA Medical’s eLearning management systems publish your test results so you’ll know in an instant what areas need improving.
  • Support Tools: Struggling with a particular topic? Connect with other learners through a forum or seek assistance from an instructor. At DDA Medical, we recognize that learning happens not just through the presentation of training material, but also through the interaction of peers and instructors. With integrated learning management tools such as blogs, message boards, and more, we’ve created a virtual classroom in which communication is key.
  • Upload Capabilities: Share relevant industry news, articles, and videos with user uploading privileges. Then, react to published works through LMS commenting functionality to spark intellectual discussion.

The Administrator Perspective:

  • Courseware Distribution: DDA Medical’s learning management systems enable the effortless dissemination of medical training programs. Post material to a public library or assign particular training modules to select users with ease.
  • Monitor Results: See what programs users are enrolled in, view their level of completion, and access their scores for a complete picture of progress. And, with advanced customizable reporting capabilities, query the user database and extract data for effective trainee management.
  • Explore Various Learning Mediums: DDA Medical believes in synchronous learning environments in which the user absorbs through visuals, sounds, and text. Therefore, our learning management systems support the dissemination of virtually any file type. From medical videos and 2D and 3D animations to complex virtual medical simulation programs, share it all with a DDA Medical developed eLearning management system.

DDA Medical works with you to define your learning management needs and then rigorously sets out to fulfill those needs by supplying you with innovative eLearning technologies. Our medical training programs are not only rich with multimedia eLearning tools, but scalable to grow with the medical world’s ever-evolving landscape. To learn more about our training capabilities and learning management systems, Contact DDA Medical today.

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