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Medical Illustration for Technology-based Training - Overview

When it comes to the explanation of a medical device or procedure, words often fail to paint a clear picture. That’s why DDA Medical offers exceptional eLearning illustration services. When combined with DDA developed copy or supporting voiceover narration, complex medical topics are successfully conveyed in a manner that is enticing to the viewer and designed for maximum comprehension.


Our one-of-a-kind illustrations are crafted by talented graphic artists with years of industry experience and exacting ability. Whether the request is for the depiction of a medical device or a stylized area of the human anatomy, you can have confidence that our team of professional designers can achieve an end result that is picture perfect.

Medical Illustration for Technology-based Training - In-depth

Whether detailing the use of a medical device or explaining intricacies of the human anatomy, medical training topics are complex and hard to convey using words alone. To maximize the eLearning experience, supporting visuals add a layer of reference to make hard-to-conceptualize topics clear. DDA Medical, a noted custom eLearning course development company, provides professional medical illustration services. Unlike photography and medical training video, scientific, surgical, and medical illustrations are not restricted by the lens. Are you looking to illustrate the inner anatomy of an organ? Are you defining device complexities that are invisible to the unaided eye? The medical illustrators of DDA Medical can capture every minute detail with precise accuracy to form a digital illustration that greatly enhances technology-based medical training program effectiveness.


Of the numerous ways in which to communicate, visuals speak to all individuals regardless of language, level of expertise, or educational background, making medical art one of the most effectual eLearning tools available. In addition to its undeniable educational benefits, medical illustrations enhance the visual aesthetic of eLearning courses and courseware for a more stimulating trainee experience. By utilizing a consistent visual style and color palate, a DDA medical illustrator can generate a visual theme that reinforces a corporate identity or brand. And when life-like accuracy is fundamental to proper medical education training, DDA graphic designers craft realistic 2D and 3D medical illustrations that are expertly modeled and textured. Read on to learn how medical illustration can enhance healthcare eLearning education.

  • Medical Device Illustration: Though a medical device may revolutionize a procedure or process, its aesthetic appeal often leaves a lot to be desired. So turn to DDA Medical, your eLearning developer and medical illustration source. Through coloration, shading, and stylization, instructional medical device illustrations are both attractive and informative.
  • Anatomy Medical Illustration: Anatomical features are oftentimes hard to define when using traditional methods of image capturing, but with DDA Medical’s illustration services, you can depict microscopic complexities with ease. Whether you are showing the inner chambers of a heart or the complex circuitry of the human nervous system, you can count on the professional illustrators at DDA Medical.
  • Medical Animation: Bring 2D and 3D medical illustrations to life with custom animation. When integrated into an eLearning program, complex medical device operations or surgical procedures are simulated for a step-by-step tutorial that can be utilized time and again to increase trainee comprehension. As DDA Medical strives to offer all eLearning solutions in-house, our clients will not have to look elsewhere for comprehensive eLearning services that include a team of degreed medical animators.

Why Choose DDA Medical for Scientific Illustrations?

In the world of medicine, achieving accuracy in all facets of the industry is fundamental to maintaining patient care. The same standard must then be applied to the development of any medical training program. By choosing DDA Medical as your eLearning provider, you can feel confident in receiving a level of quality that upholds the highest standard of accuracy. Our team of illustrators works directly with supervising physicians, scientists, and healthcare professionals to achieve an end result that is precise and accurate. Additionally, DDA Medical illustrators are versed in a variety of artistic styles. Whether you are in need of a stylized hand-drawn illustration or a technical digital representation, we are the medical community’s source for exceptional illustrations.

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