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Professional Copywriting for Medical Training Programs - Overview

Is your medical facility struggling to develop training copy that is engaging, informative, and accurate? Are you finding it difficult to summarize complex medical procedures, device instructions, or regulatory standards in a complete yet concise manner? Then look no further. DDA Medical provides professional medical and scientific writing services by degreed, in-house professionals.


We will capture the tone and style that is best suited to your eLearning audience and develop copy that is not only accurate, but enjoyable to read. And as our staff’s expertise is varied, no subject matter or format is beyond our abilities. From medical scripts for instructional training DVDs to precise medical PowerPoint slide presentations and search engine optimized content, the writers of DDA Medical embrace any and all eLearning content development requests.

Professional Copywriting for Medical Training Programs - In-depth

Whether taking center stage or serving as a supporting learning device, textual content plays an essential role in any medical training program regardless of the platform. It is how teachers communicate and students absorb; it is a way to engage and persuade, it is one of many eLearning tools that can make or break a technology-based training program. The professional medical copywriters of DDA can formulate well-composed, audience-appropriate training content that is informative and a pleasure to read. From explaining intricacies of a newly launched medical device to detailing highly-scientific facts, DDA Medical’s online copywriting experts can tackle any subject matter with ease.


Writing for Multimedia eLearning Courseware

As part of our extensive copywriting services, DDA Medical offers scriptwriting. Like traditional training content development, scripts seek to achieve the same outcome—informative and memorable--but through a different approach. Scripts must be conversational yet professional, rhythmic, and engaging in order to hold the attention of the viewing audience. And, when combined with DDA Medical professional video, animation, or virtual medical simulation, the end result is one that promotes memory retention and high comprehension rates.


Writing to Maximize Retention

The eLearning content development team at DDA Medical not only specializes in information-rich text and scripts, but in professional medical marketing content. We have years of experience in developing material that reinforces brands, products, and services with memorable messages that stay with the reader. The same can be said for our healthcare eLearning copywriting approach. If a trainee leaves an eLearning program and is unable to recall the presented material, the copy has failed. To remedy this, the professional healthcare copywriters at DDA Medical craft content that imprints on the memory to be recalled for successful real-world applications time and again. Contact DDA Medical to find out how our medical copywriting services can benefit your eLearning initiative.

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