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Patient Education Programs Developed by DDA Medical - Overview

Medical eLearning isn’t just for the healthcare professional. Patients should (and need to) understand their disease and available therapeutic options. That’s why DDA Medical offers technology-based training programs designed specifically for patient education.


With a vast list of in-house eLearning capabilities that include medical videos, interactive user experiences, detailed illustrations, 2D and 3D animations, virtual medical simulations and professional copywriting, complex medical conditions and terminology are brought across in a manner that is easily digested by the non-healthcare professional.


Choose DDA and empower your patients with knowledge today.

Patient Education Programs Developed by DDA Medical - In-depth

For years, eLearning solution developers have catered to the professional healthcare industry, and now, have expanded their service base to include patient care training and education development. With the prevalence of medical information on the web, today’s patients are more informed and possess an eagerness to learn facts about their condition and available treatment options. Physicians, medical device manufacturers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers can satisfy this need with the services of DDA Medical. As a leading web- and technology-based medical training programs provider, DDA Medical has core competencies in all required custom eLearning development services and technologies. From medical training videos to comprehensive web-based learning portals, any and all healthcare patient education requests are handled efficiently and executed affordably by the eLearning systems specialists at DDA Medical.

  • Medical Device Training: Supplement lengthy medical device instruction manuals with multimedia patient education eLearning tools. Instead of presenting a reader with convoluted instructions and static images, define equipment operations with 2D or 3D animation, videos, virtual simulations or synchronous presentations that combine informative text with supporting visuals and narration.
  • Disease Management Education: In the past, patients were presented with basic education pamphlets and brochures outlining the scope of their disease, but today, healthcare eLearning technologies have redefined this outdated approach. DDA Medical can build web-based information destinations in which patients can find reliable information pertaining to their disease. With DDA Medical, you can integrate interactive blogs and support forums, patient education videos, and topic-specific eLearning courseware complete with patient education assessment tools that affirm comprehension levels, and more. 
  • Therapeutic Training: Along with the diagnosis of a medical condition comes the important decision of a treatment therapy and the pressure of ongoing care. Provide your patients with the tools that will increase their knowledge and consequently make them better prepared to successfully implement their care. DDA Medical’s interactive medical education training tools offer a unique and engaging training approach that stimulates viewers to improve memory retention and levels of material absorption.

Turn to the premier patient health education resource and partner with DDA Medical. Our staff of experienced training and education developers will work directly with you to formulate an eLearning approach that satisfies your needs as well as the patients’ all while working within your budget. And as our list of services is long and growing, we are able to carry out all production requests in-house, guaranteeing the high-level of quality for which our company is renowned.

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