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Explaining the Complex with Digital Photography & Medical Photographs - Overview

When it comes to building training programs, visuals are an integral part of any successful learning tool. DDA Medical recognizes this and offers our clients professional on-location and in-studio digital photography services for the medical realm.


We'll capture your medical device in action or the details of a complex medical procedure with attractive and clear imagery that effectively instructs. Offering digital advertising services since 1996, DDA Medical has mastered the art of composition, lighting, and photo manipulation. Additionally, our degreed photographers utilize only the latest in equipment for high-resolution images.

Explaining the Complex with Digital Photography & Medical Photographs - In-depth

If you explained a highly complex medical procedure to a trainee using only text-based instructions, would you feel confident that the material was retained? Experience has shown us that trainees respond best to a blend of eLearning tools and solutions. When informative text is combined with supporting visuals, healthcare professionals and patients attain understanding and retention with less effort and at quicker speeds. That said, DDA Medical offers professional digital medical photography services as an effective means of illustrating critical and hard to conceptualize topics. As one of the first digital photography studios in the U.S., DDA’s medical photographers have years of commercial, advertisement, and product photography experience. The imagery we capture is crisp, appealing, well-lit, and expertly composed for medical photos that are ideal for multimedia medical eLearning training programs and tools.

  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: To capture professional medical photographs that speak volumes while remaining visually pleasing takes much more than just raw talent. It takes a skilled photographer that has mastered the rules of composition and has a great understanding of the latest photographic equipment. At DDA Medical, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment to ensure high-resolution imagery that enhances the learning experience when integrated into healthcare eLearning courses and courseware. Our roster of equipment includes professional digital cameras, spot lights, backdrops, turn tables, lighting tents, and a team of highly skilled and experienced professional photographers.
    • Drone Photography: Capture imaginations with bold aerial views thanks to DDA's aerial drone photography. Exterior shots demonstrate the breadth of organizations' footprints, while interior shots can be used to dramatically demonstrate the interior workings of larger areas such as factories, warehouses, and the interior spaces of large medical facilities to impress viewers
    • 360° Photography: Enveloping images capture the environment and viewers' imaginations alike thanks to 360° photography.
  • On-Location or In-Studio: Our experience with healthcare photography has revealed that many times in-studio photo shoots are not conducive to our clients’ busy schedules or needs. Medical device manufacturers may want to show their product in action, requiring an on-location photographer to capture the use of the device in a hospital setting. Or, imagery of an operation may require on-location photography to capture high-resolution digital photos that relay the steps of the procedure. At DDA Medical, our digital photography services are mobile to fulfill such requests and other medical education training needs. And, with an in-house professional studio, clients can take full advantage of our equipment and skills.
  • Post-Production Expertise: No matter how talented the photographer or high-tech the equipment, photo manipulation can be used to enhance any medical image. With the latest software, DDA Medical graphic designers are able to adjust color saturation levels, contrasts, and perform a number of special effects. For your technology- and -web-based training program, you may wish to demonstrate the operation of a medical device but don’t have the budget for detailed illustrated animations. An option then is to string a number of consecutive images together into a presentation that is as equally impactful and informative as a custom animation. From the integration of medical photographs into a training video to the use of photography in online medical training, DDA Medical’s post-production digital photography services enable our eLearning developers to handle any request.

It is no secret that professional photographs inform and entice through attractive imagery that speaks without words. But when combined with other medical eLearning tools it forms a powerful learning medium that trains faster and more efficiently. With a team of experienced medical photographers that are versed in the use of state-of-the-art equipment, in-studio and on-location photo shoots, and post-production manipulation, DDA Medical is the eLearning solutions developer that can exceed your every expectation.


Training video production is the culmination of numerous eLearning tools. At its foundation resides a carefully crafted script that presents important training information in a manner that is clear, concise, and well-delivered. Sound and visuals then interplay with words to convey training topics that otherwise would be a challenge to express. Whether used as the primary method of training or as a supplementary tool in a larger eLearning system, the benefits of video-based training cannot be denied.

  • Storyboarding & Scriptwriting: DDA Medical is dedicated to production efficiency and follows a proven process that streamlines professional training video development. It starts with a discussion of needs and progresses to scriptwriting and storyboard development. Before any taping occurs, clients of DDA Medical will know every scene right down to the detailed screen actions to ensure the medical sales or employee training video exceeds expectations.
  • Choosing the Right Talent: A spokesperson may not be the right fit for every healthcare training video. Perhaps your aim is to illustrate the proper use of a medical device. In this instance, DDA Medical can film your device in use with supporting voiceover narration. Or, we can generate custom medical animations and virtual medical simulations of a complex medical procedure. With our network of professional acting talent, clients of DDA Medical are sure to find the voice, the face, and the medium best suited to their unique medical training needs.
  • On Location or In Studio: DDA Medical’s video production studio is home to the latest state-of-the-art equipment, including a sound-proof recording booth, green screen, and camera dolly track for smooth angle transitions and panning. If you require on-location services, DDA Medical’s equipment is mobile so we can film in a hospital setting, facilitate a live webcast of a key opinion leader, and much more.
  • Thinking Out of the Box: The more innovative and complex the request, the more DDA Medical shines. As one of the first video training companies to integrate video into websites and live actors into animated environments, DDA Medical’s perpetual quest for groundbreaking technologies has positioned us well above other eLearning solution providers. DDA Medical’s web-based interactive video training approach puts the user in control. Instead of watching a linear presentation of facts, users can be prompted to click on links for additional information. Or, they may be asked to complete a virtual task such as operating a medical device or tool in order to proceed to the next chapter. With DDA Medical as your video training course provider, limitations are restricted only to what can be imagined.

If you are looking for a better way of communicating medical topics, there is no better learning medium than professional training video. Contact DDA Medical today.

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