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Technology-based Medical Sales Training - Overview

To have a successful medical sales force you need a well-informed sales force and that takes training. Not only should a sales professional know the ins and outs of their product and/or service, they should be current on medical conditions and therapies, reimbursement and regulatory issues, and proven sales techniques. So turn to DDA Medical’s eLearning experts for highly effective interactive training programs.


Once in place, your medical sales force will learn faster and comprehend more with our attention-grabbing multimedia eLearning platforms. Our services are highly customizable so that your eLearning programs are perfectly suited to your industry needs.


Let DDA Medical redefine your definition of quality sales training.

Technology-based Medical Sales Training - In-depth

Whether you are a medical device manufacturer looking to train sales representatives on a new product or a pharmaceutical manufacturer in search of innovative technology-based training solutions, DDA Medical is the eLearning courseware provider that can meet the demanding needs of your industry. As an experienced eLearning developer, we acknowledge the variety of medical training tools that are required in order to develop a highly-successful sales team. Not only do pharmaceutical and medical device sales reps need product training, but also selling strategies and industry regulation training. With such a wide-ranging assortment of topics to cover, sales training programs must be flexible in order to accommodate the variety of training material. That’s why DDA Medical is the ideal choice for custom eLearning course development. As a full-service provider of web- and technology-based training platforms, we routinely build medical training programs that feature an assortment of multimedia eLearning tools to match the medical sales industry’s demanding and diverse needs.


Product Training: Before any sales representative can put their selling expertise to use, they must first possess a solid understanding of the device or pharmaceutical. From defining common equipment operations to detailing the physiology of a medicine, this element of sales training can be one of the most demanding. The eLearning solution developers at DDA Medical excel at simplifying these complex medical topics into engaging learning tools that trainees want to use. Possibilities include a medical training video that outlines the use of a medical device, detailed 2D or 3D animations that illustrate the clinical pharmacology of a medicine, or virtual medical simulations that test trainee comprehension and retention levels.


Regulation Training: Keep medical sales representatives abreast with the latest industry regulations by choosing DDA Medical. With a sizable staff of full-time, degreed in-house medical copywriters, we condense lengthy topics into powerful presentations that reinforce key industry changes. Additionally, DDA Medical’s graphic artists craft supporting visuals that add aesthetic appeal to text-heavy topics.  And for the ultimate learning experience, we’ll synch text with voiceover narrations and visuals for a streamlined training presentation that we call synchronous media that addresses all senses.


Define Sale Strategies: Behind every successful sales force is a proven selling model that is carefully crafted to suit a unique customer base. Whether you are approaching a physician or a GPO, without the knowledge of selling tactics, sales representatives will fail to reach their full potential. Turn to DDA Medical and communicate valuable selling strategies quickly and effectively. In the past, training departments spent hours engaging trainees with face-to-face selling scenarios, but with DDA Medical’s online sales training courseware, medical device and pharmaceutical reps learn through multimedia eLearning tools that successfully communicate crucial strategies. Plus, with comprehensive assessment tools, course administrators can monitor enrollment levels and analyze testing scores to confirm trainee comprehension and retention.


Matching Industry Needs with Comprehensive Medical Training Services

The multi-faceted nature of medical device training demands a versatile eLearning developer and DDA Medical is that provider. With a team made up of degreed website designers, medical writers, digital photographers, illustrators, video technicians, animators, and programmers, we possess all required technologies and skills in-house, enabling us to expedite all training requests efficiently and at reasonable costs. Read on to learn how DDA Medical’s training services can modernize outdated medical device and pharmaceutical sales training programs.

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