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Provide Healthcare Training and Education with Virtual Medical Simulations - Overview

With today’s fast-paced technological environment, eLearning tools have evolved into sophisticated platforms, one of which is simulation training. Employing 2D and 3D animations and advanced custom programming, virtual medical simulations offer trainees the virtual hands-on experience that is so pivotal to successful learning.


Ideal for any medical application, virtual medical simulation can help sales professionals understand their medical device; aids physicians in comprehending the use of innovative instruments, and assists patients in recognizing the specifics of their disease or upcoming operation. And with a variety of available formats that range from web-based training programs and CD-ROMs to mobile applications for iPad® and iPhone®, BlackBerry®, and Android® smart phone devices, healthcare professionals and patients will have access to this valuable training tool at any time and at any location.

Provide Healthcare Training and Education with Virtual Medical Simulations - In-depth

Today, advances in technology have not only redefined the medical world, but training techniques as well. In the past, medical training programs revolved around a stack of printed pamphlets, one-on-one training sessions, and dated videos, but today, technology- and web-based eLearning has transformed the face of healthcare training and education.  Of the many available eLearning tools, one of the most powerful and effective solutions is simulation training. By using virtual medical training simulations, trainees are active participants instead of passive observers. Whether you opt to integrate traditional simulations, such as a medical training video, or choose a highly immersive virtual platform, DDA Medical possesses the required skill set to deliver exceptional results.


Traditional Simulations: Medical Training Video & 2D/3D Animations

When dealing with highly complex medical topics, providing trainees with text-based instructions leaves room for miscomprehension and mistakes in real-world applications. But with healthcare training videos that provide detailed step-by-step directions, viewers will leave the multimedia eLearning program with little to no questions. From capturing surgical procedures to demonstrating the use of a medical device, healthcare training videos provide valuable visual and audio cues that reinforce important topics.  And as a full-service custom eLearning course development provider, clients of DDA will not have to look elsewhere for quality video services. Our facility includes a state-of-the-art studio equipped with a sound booth, camera dolly, green screen, and more, and our team is comprised of degreed professionals.


For certain training topics, video footage fails to capture the in-depth detail that is required for material proficiency and DDA Medical’s animation service is the ideal alternative. Animation can illustrate what photography or video cannot. Show the inner workings of an organ or define microscopic components with exquisite detail. Whatever the request, the graphic artists of DDA Medical are guaranteed to capture your subject with exacting precision.


Interactive Simulations: Virtual Environments for Hands-on Training

When it comes to effective methods of employee training, no approach is more successful than guided hands-on experience. When learned materials are put into action skills are increased, confidence gained, and levels of retention raised. As part of our comprehensive list of healthcare training services, DDA Medical offers immersive virtual environments in which trainees can simulate tasks. From medical device training to surgical simulations, DDA Medical’s team of programmers and animation artists integrate sensitive virtual controls that enable the critical hands-on training that is so crucial to material absorption.


Let DDA Medical redefine outdated and ineffective methods of training with medical training tools and programs that engage the user and maximize retention. The advantages of virtual eLearning training are exponential and with so much experience in various technology-based methods of training, DDA Medical is the obvious choice for quality, affordability, and guaranteed results.

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