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Medical eLearning Technologies - Overview

When it comes to in-house capabilities, you’ll find it hard to find a provider of eLearning technologies that can match the breadth of DDA Medical’s quality services. From eLearning website design to custom programming and medical illustration, we strive to meet and exceed any eLearning challenge.


Our services are award-winning and our teams of dedicated and degreed eLearning professionals push to create and blend the latest and most innovative technologies into tools that communicate, share, teach, track, and test. DDA Medical has a rich history of providing the best in eLearning technologies at a cost that organizations of all sizes can afford.


We are the healthcare industry’s resource to extreme eLearning technologies all under one roof.

Medical eLearning Technologies - In-depth

At DDA Medical, a variety of capabilities are called upon during custom eLearning course development. From advanced programming to graphic design and animations, we pride ourselves in our ability to answer any eLearning tools request. How? Through a team of dedicated professionals with varying specialties and a commitment to innovation that has positioned DDA Medical at the forefront of medical education training and healthcare eLearning. Are you looking to generate a medical training video detailing a breakthrough procedure? Are you in search of eLearning developers that can build comprehensive technology and web-based training programs? How about virtual medical simulations that put the trainee in control? By partnering with DDA Medical, the realm of training possibilities is limitless, ensuring learning environments that are rich in interactivity and high in measurable results.


Website Design & Development: For many providers of web-based training, their development approach entails the customization of a template. If you look at their portfolio of work, you’ll find that the layouts and features are the same from project to project. At DDA Medical, we frown upon this development tactic. Not only do we create custom website designs that are tailored to our client’s brand and identity, we integrate synchronous media technologies that greatly enhance the online learning experience. DDA Medical website hallmarks include integrated video, animations, and interactive components that respond to user activity.


Custom Programming: The component that empowers all technology-based medical training tools is custom programming. It’s the element that enables interactivity and administrative and user controls. From comprehensive administrative areas that track course enrollment to on-demand testing and certification, DDA Medical’s staff of programmers can achieve any functionality request with speed, efficiency, and uncompromising accuracy.


Copywriting: As one of the most pivotal elements of any training program, content development should never be overlooked. You can represent the language of an instructional manual but it will be an inadequate learning experience and at the trainee’s expense. Content must be concise, clear, and engaging in order to be effective, and the medical copywriters of DDA Medical promise this result and routinely deliver.


Illustration: Supporting visuals enhance not only the aesthetics of custom eLearning courseware, but greatly increases the level of trainee comprehension and memory retention. DDA Medical illustrators work directly with clients to craft medical illustrations that are accurate and attractive.


Animation: Simulate the operation of a medical device or procedure with DDA Medical 2D or 3D animations. We utilize the latest software and custom create every component for an end result that is of Hollywood caliber.


Mobile Medical Apps: Healthcare professionals rely upon mobile devices like smartphones and tablets more with every passing year. Mobile medical applications from DDA Medical bring your message to the audience wherever they are. Mobile medical apps facilitate an intuitive, touch-screen-based interactivity with the multimedia capabilities that allow for richly immmersive sensory experiences which makes information memorable. Whether you are developing convenience and efficiency tools, personal health or electronic medical records, interactive informational resources, or comprehensive eLearning applications, mobile medical applications represent some of the best ways to ensure active engagement among your audience with your offering.


Video Production: Choose DDA Medical as your eLearning tools provider and have access to our state-of-the-art video studio and network of professional actors. From video editing to special effects, DDA Medical can do it all.


Photography: Define complex training concepts with professional medical photography. Our facilities include a professional photography studio that is equipped with the latest technologies to capture high-resolution images. Or, we’ll gladly travel to your facility for on-location shoots that are of the same high-caliber as in-studio results. DDA Medical was the first digital photography studio in Pennsylvania, and today, remains the best.


Virtual Medical Simulation: DDA Medical specializes in the design and development of highly immersive online environments where trainees are offered the opportunity to manipulate a virtual medical device or perform complex procedural simulations.


DDA Medical’s goal has been, since its inception, to provide our clients with the broadest range of in-house services. Over the years we have honed our skills and gathered a team of professionals that have no equals. Contact DDA Medical today to learn more about our long list of services and discover why we are considered a top provider of eLearning tools and technologies.

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