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DDA Medical’s Web-based Training Tools - Overview

When deciding what eLearning format is right for your medical organization, consider the level of use and the degree of updates required. If the answer is high for either of these items, a website format is your best choice and DDA Medical is the best provider.


Since our inception, we’ve pushed to exceed industry standards of innovation by blending technologies to create websites unlike any other. Our approach is uniquely interactive with custom programming that adds eye-catching appeal to exceptional site designs. Furthermore, DDA Medical possesses immense in-house capabilities to provide our valued clients with the most comprehensive list of website and eLearning services. Some of these capabilities include medical copywriting, custom illustrations and animations, virtual medical simulations, advanced database programming, and much more.


Our vast web development capabilities enable us to deliver any custom eLearning request from comprehensive administrative areas for user tracking and updates to custom animations detailing a complex medical procedure or device operation.

DDA Medical’s Web-based Training Tools - In-depth

For most medical organizations in search of eLearning solutions, program accessibility, ease of management, and scalability rank high on their list of desired functionalities. They want eLearning tools that evolve to accommodate the ever-changing landscape of accepted medical procedures and policies. They desire a technology-based training system that is accessible from any location at any time and they seek eLearning courseware that is rich in multimedia medical training tools. The web-based learning platform that can answer all of these needs is online healthcare training created by the custom eLearning course developers at DDA Medical. Online medical training courses are powerful platforms that support all multimedia eLearning approaches. From animated medical training videos to robust virtual classrooms complete with testing and assessment tools, eLearning websites are flexible to meet our clients’ custom medical education and training needs.


Designing Web-Based Training Programs

Unlike many companies that specialize in custom eLearning course development, DDA Medical pushes the boundaries of conventional web design to achieve information destinations that are immersive and highly interactive. Imagine an online learning environment where video responds to user input. Picture a computer-based training program that synchronizes video with text, narration, and animation. Envision a virtual classroom in which you can operate a medical device or perform a medical procedure. By choosing DDA Medical as your eLearning systems provider, all this is possible as we specialize in synchronous web environments that appeal to the senses.


DDA Medical's Approach to Online Learning

  • Structure: When users visit your eLearning website, they should instinctively know how to navigate through the web-based training tools. Content must be organized and menu structures clearly presented for an uncomplicated and enjoyable learning experience.
  • Design: The aesthetics of a website not only reflects the professionalism of a medical organization, but influences the overall navigation experience. That said, web-based training course designs should be visually pleasing, yet clean and structured for the clear presentation of material.
  • Functionality: With an in-house team of degreed programmers, DDA Medical integrates complex site functionalities with ease. From user registration to interactive quizzes and comprehensive administrative back ends, no request is too complex for the technical prowess of DDA Medical.
  • Interactivity: Trainees respond best to interactive online medical classes that encourage user involvement. Through eLearning mechanisms like training simulations and quizzes, healthcare professionals are not just observers, but active participants.
  • Scalability: DDA Medical recognizes that as medical procedures and technologies change, so too must training programs. Unlike printed training material, medical organizations will not have to incur the burden of costly reproductions with eLearning websites. Additionally, DDA Medical develops all online training programs with scalability in mind to facilitate expansion over time.

For a learning platform that is flexible, expansive, and accessible, turn to DDA Medical for eLearning website design and development.

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