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ETHOS App Demonstration Video

ETHOS Healthcare App Video

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DDA Medical continues to garner recognition from the industry with a Tabby Award for Best iPad Pharmaceutical and Healthcare App of 2014, this time for the Ethos Engage peer-to-peer interactive presentation and meeting platform. ETHOS Health Communications is a leading provider of healthcare commercialization and data analysis for medical and scientific industries.


As a complement to the innovative ETHOS meeting platform, DDA Medical also produced a demonstration video for ETHOS to show users how to get the most out of the Engage experience. With talent selected from Medical Video Production’s Actors' Network, voice-over narration was incorporated into the entire video, and the many features of the meeting platform were described through close-ups of screenshots on a tablet. 3D modeling and animation was used to show a hand pressing buttons and scrolling through the Engage platform interface.

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