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Fairmount Behavioral Health System's Promotional Patient Brochure and Logo Design


Brochure Design


Fairmount Behavioral Health System brochure


When Fairmont Behavioral Health System was in need of an unconventional brochure that highlighted both their beautiful facility and exceptional therapeutic programs, they found a partner in DDA Medical. Located on a 27-acre wooded campus, Fairmount promotes therapeutic environments conducive to behavioral and addiction recovery in both setting and approach. DDA Medical’s photographers and graphic designers captured such an environment by combining images of their facility with natural earth tone coloration.


This 9X12 fully-designed, full color folder includes six waterfall inserts for a dramatic professional presentation as well as a business card holder. At first glance, the waterfall inserts appear to be part of the folder design as they form a picturesque landscape. Removing them reveals information pertaining to specific Fairmount Behavioral Health services. The overall design was so successful, DDA Medical was contacted a second time to run additional copies of the same brochure.


Logo Design

Fairmount Behavioral Health System's Logo

When designing a logo, an artist must consider the services an organization offers and its intended audience and for Fairmount Behavioral Health, DDA Medical did just this. A rehabilitation center for those afflicted with behavioral disorders and addiction, Fairmount offers therapeutic counseling in a picturesque wooded setting. To capture this with a simple and aesthetically pleasing design, DDA Medical’s graphic designers illustrated an exuberant figure that at first glance appears to be a tree. Our logo development process strengthened our client’s corporate identity and successfully communicated its role as an exceptional facility wholly dedicated to the treatment of individuals grappling with behavioral disorders.


Services Used:

  • Brochure Design
  • Sell Sheet Design
  • Logo Design
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