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DDA Medical created an innovative eLearning tool that combines a highly interactive educational platform with the expertise of a highly respected medical professional.

Dr. David M. Albala is a professor of Urologic Surgery and director for the Center of Minimally Invasive Urological Surgery at the Duke University Medical Center. As part of a bi-monthly series for Boehringer Ingelheim, DAW Communications, in association with Flomax Pharmaceuticals, provided DDA with six video interviews of Dr. David M. Albala to offer a clinical perspective from a noted expert in the field of urologic surgery. DDA medical took the interview material and created an ambitious new eLearning project around them.

The eLearning website needed to present information in a clear way, maintain the user’s visual interest, and incorporate Dr. David M. Albala’s interviews into the tutorials. DDA synced these videos with PowerPoint presentations and integrated the tutorial controls. By combining Dr. Albala’s video interviews with informational PowerPoint presentations, the educational value of each program is reinforced. Because the project was released in bimonthly installments, DDA Medical launched each installment with a custom programmed administrative email blast feature, so registered users are alerted when new information, programs, and events were added to the system. A secure platform requires password protections for users to register, log in, and gain access. Comprehensive backend reporting tracks detailed logs to reveal what users visited the site and what tutorials they viewed. Administrators to the site can readily edit events and export event reports. DDA Medical developed this highly intuitive, custom programmed database to allow users to easily enter and download data. Now members of a pharmaceutical sales team can upload and access information pertaining to upcoming discussion boards regarding Flomax.


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