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Foundations Behavioral Health Trifold Brochures

Foundations Brochures


DDA Medical provides custom graphic design services to create informational trifold brochures that help Foundations Behavioral Health reach those in need.

Foundations Behavioral Health (FBH) provides a range of health and academic services for children and adolescents with a variety of behavioral conditions. As part of this effort, FBH sponsors numerous programs that foster a compassionate learning and therapeutic environment to those who need it the most. FBH came to DDA with the need to develop new print material to market their services to the public. Their LifeWorks programs needed print material to distribute to schools and parents with children who could benefit from the available services. Their LifeWorks Alternative School engages students in restorative sessions with small, structured classes, and focuses on students with autism, Asperger’s syndrome, and other developmental disorders. FBH wanted the print marketing materials to convey both LifeWorks educational entities’ commitment to build relationships and strengthen communication between students, teachers, and families.

DDA designed two separate brochures that highlighted the unique and important features of each FBH academic service. The tri-fold brochures were developed to directly address school districts and families with children who may have tried other facilities without success.

DDA emphasized the diversity of the students who find the help they need in the LifeWorks programs, and used images throughout the print piece to reveal the compassionate and educational environment LifeWorks provides to students. To represent autism awareness, DDA used images of puzzle pieces for the LifeWorks Academy brochure, and made the theme evident throughout the brochure contents from the inside out.

To ensure the quality of the final result, DDA facilitated print production and provided FBH with two custom print marketing pieces that appealed to and informed their targeted audience.

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